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ENB - Region 1 Notices 6/13/2012

Public Notice

Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) Rescission of Determination of Significance and Issuance of a Findings Statement on the Draft Supplement Generic Environmental Impact Statement (Draft SGEIS) for The Meadows at Yaphank; Dorade LLC

Applicant: Dorade LLC
c/o AVR Realty
Yonkers, NY 10701

Office: Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS)
360 Yaphank Avenue, Suite 2C
Yaphank, NY 11980
Phone: (631) 852-5700

Project Location: The project is located at the northwestern corner of William Floyd Parkway and the North Service Road of the Long Island Expressway, Yaphank, Town of Brookhaven, County of Suffolk, New York.

Project Description: SCDHS received an application to increase the authorized flow under a State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit for the Dorade Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), as proposed by Dorade LLC, for the purposes of, among other things, accommodating flow from the project known as The Meadows at Yaphank. For background, the SPDES permit for this facility was downgraded from 450,000 gallons per day (gpd) to 140,000 gpd by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) in the late 1990s as a result of the deteriorated condition of the STP. In the late 2000s, the permit oversight was transferred to SCDHS and an order on consent was drafted that required that the existing treatment facility be repaired. As part of that agreement, the facility agreed to repair and utilize the existing tankage until such time that the flow reached at least 225,000 gpd of treated sanitary waste to the groundwater at the location of the Dorade STP. The proposed discharge is located within an area designated as a sole source aquifer. The following public water purveyors have been identified as having service areas located within a three mile radius of the applicant's facility: 1) Suffolk County Water Authority. SPDES NY-0066559

SEQRA: The project is a Type I action. SCDHS is an Involved Agency under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) process completed by the Town of Brookhaven for the project known as The Meadows at Yaphank. The Town Board of the Town of Brookhaven conducted a SEQRA coordinated review with SCDHS as an Involved Agency, and assumed Lead Agency for review of the project. The Meadows at Yaphank was the subject of a Draft GEIS under SEQRA. The SEQRA process specifically addressed the potential impacts associated with the increased discharge flow from the Dorade STP, as well as water supply, Central Pine Barrens Comprehensive Land Use Plan compliance, Carmans River protection, wetlands and groundwater, surface water and water supply issues related to the proposed action. SCDHS is responsible to consider the environmental consequences of its decisions on applications under the authority of NYS DEC. SCDHS issues approvals under Articles 4 and 6 of the Suffolk County Sanitary Code (SCDHS) for water supply and sewage disposal, respectively, and also acts as an arm of the NYS DEC for issuance of a SPDES permit for the proposed STP volume increase.

SCDHS issued a Determination of Significance which was published in the Environmental Notice Bulletin on May 9, 2012. However, SCDHS now recognizes that, as a GEIS process was completed for The Meadows at Yaphank, the SCDHS should issue a Findings Statement for its environmental review of the applications before SCDHS for The Meadows at Yaphank and the Dorade STP SPDES permit modification that is associated with that project. As a result, SCDHS hereby rescinds the Negative Declaration and, in its place, issues a Findings Statement to "Approve" the permits under authority of SCDHS. The Findings Statement is on file with SCDHS and has been filed in conformance with SEQRA Notice and Filing Requirements as contained in 6NYCRR Section 617.12. These Findings conclude the SCDHS role as an Involved Agency under SEQRA, and provide a basis for informed decision-making on the project.

Contact: Walter Hilbert, SCDHS, 360 Yaphank Avenue, Suite 2C, Yaphank, NY 11980, Phone: (631) 852-5700.

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