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ENB - Region 9 Notices 8/10/2011

Public Notice

Town of Amherst Office of Refuse Control

Draft Request for Proposals to Provide Refuse Collection and Disposal, Recyclable Materials Collection and Processing and Separate Yard Waste Collection

Notice to Proposers

Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals are sought and requested for the Town of Amherst, Garbage and Refuse District #1, 5583 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221, herein referred to as the "Town" for Solid Waste Services according to the specifications of a contract for refuse hauling and disposal and recyclables pickup and processing from curbside collection sites within the Town limits. Also, the separate pickup of yard waste between April 1st and November 30th annually. Sealed proposals will be received by the Town Clerk of the Town of Amherst, on August 22, 2011, no later than 2:00 p.m. standard time, at her office in the Municipal Building, 5583 Main Street, Williamsville, New York 14221.

In accordance with New York State General Municipal Law 120-w, it is the intention of the Town to enter into negotiations for an agreement with the contractor(s) whose proposal(s), in the judgment of the Town of Amherst, best serves the Town's needs, considering net costs, technical feasibility and reliability, resources, financial condition, risk allocation, and experience in similar operations. A five-year service period is being sought, with the potential for extension of the contract (s) for an additional five year period upon mutual consent. Contractors must identify sufficient equipment and facilities to collect and haul approximately 32,550 tons of solid waste and/or process approximately 8,000 tons of recyclables from approximately 34,227 units. This does not include the Village of Williamsville which has 2,200 residences and businesses total. The Town reserves the right to reject all proposals.

The Draft Request for Proposals (DRFP) may be obtained at the Town of Amherst Town Clerk's Office, 5583 Main Street, Williamsville, New York, 14221, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. from May 11, 2011 to July 11, 2011 and is also available online at the Town of Amherst website: http://www.amherst.ny.us.

The Town urges that all likely proposers forward their contact information to the Town, in order to receive updates, addendums, and comment replies regarding this DRFP. The final Request for Proposal (RFP), to be released 70 days after this advertisement will require a deposit of a certified check, payable to the order of the Town of Amherst, for a sum equal of three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000), or a bond with sufficient sureties in a penal sum equal to three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000), with the condition that if the proposal is accepted, the successful bidder will enter into a contract for the terms of the agreement, and that he/she will execute an agreement with the Town within fifteen (15) days from the date of acceptance of the proposal, as specified in the proposal's conditions. All deposits, except that of the successful bidder will be returned.

Upon acceptance of this proposal, if the successful proposer fails to enter into a contract pursuant to the requirements of the Town, or fails to give further security prescribed in this notice, within the time limit therein, then the check deposited as aforesaid and the monies standing to the credit of the same, shall be forfeited to the Town of Amherst as liquidated damages or the payment of the bond enforced for the benefit of the Town and the Village of Williamsville.

The proposal shall be made upon the form provided therefore and all blank spaces in the form shall be fully filled. Signatures shall be in longhand and the completed form shall be without interlineation, alteration or erasure.

No oral, telegraphic or telephonic proposals or modifications will be considered.

Should the Proposer find discrepancies or omissions from the specifications, documents or drawings, or should he/she be in doubt as to their meaning, he/she should at once notify Robert Anderson, Town of Amherst, Superintendent of Highways, who will send written instructions to all Proposers as to the addendum. The Town Board of the Town reserves the right to reject any and all proposers and to advertise anew, or to award a contract for part or portion thereof as in its judgment it shall deem it to be in the best interest of the Town to do so.

The Village of Williamsville will also be seeking a contract for the collection and disposal of solid waste and a recyclables pickup and processing from curbside collection sites within the Village subject to approval of the Village of Williamsville Board.

Sealed proposals must be in the hands of Deborah Bruch Bucki, Town Clerk, Municipal Building, 5583 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221, no later than 2:00 p.m. Standard Time on Monday, August 22, 2011. Sealed proposals must be submitted in sealed envelopes. The envelope is to be plainly marked on the outside.

"Sealed Proposal for Municipal Solid Waste Services for the Town of Amherst and Village of Williamsville"

All proposals must be accompanied by descriptive literature covering the requirements set forth in the proposals and made part thereof.

Contact: Deborah Bruch Bucki, Town Clerk, Municipal Building, 5583 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221.

Conditioned Negative Declaration

Erie County - The Town of Newstead, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Akron Airport Expansion will not have a significant adverse environmental impact provided specific conditions are met. There will be a 30 day public comment period commencing with the date of this notice.

The action involves the construction of a 2,856 square foot Maintenance Hangar, Five T-Hangar Bays, Stormwater Improvements; the Paving of Crosswind Runway 11-29, construction of a partial asphalt parallel taxiway including storm sewer and lighting installations as set forth in the original application but also the future build-out of the Akron Airport which would include replacement of existing fuel farm, replacement of existing terminal building, replacement of existing septic system, installation of water main to Akron Airport, construction of additional T-Hanger and construction of transient aircraft parking apron. The project is located on John Street in Akron, Town of Newstead, New York.

The conditions are:

Stormwater controls at the Akron Airport shall meet all requirements of the Town of Newstead and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) with low permeability materials used adjacent to runways and taxiways. The performance of drainage structures shall be monitored and if not functioning, maintenance will be undertaken to correct problems both on site and off site. Complaint procedures will be implemented and prior to construction of runway 11-29, geotechnical investigations shall be required.

Storm water runoff from buildings and surrounding paved surfaces will be routed to a nearby redesigned retention area designed to hold and discharge runoff slowly.

The Christian Airman Inc. will procure and store a suitable Hazmat "containment kit" and will undertake training of personnel.
A Noise Abatement Guideline shall be adopted and published on the airport website, permanently posted in conspicuous locations about the airport and guidelines shall be enforced and provided to the FAA for national publication. The number of airplanes permanently based will be limited to 80 with efforts to ensure that new airplanes based on the site meet certain dBA limits. A complaint procedure will be adopted that copies the Town, Christian Airman Inc. and the complainant with the complaint.

Contact: David L. Cummings, Town of Newstead, 5 Clarence Center Road, Akron, NY 14001, Phone: (716) 542-1231, E-mail: dcummings@townofnewstead.com.

Notice of Acceptance of Draft GEIS and Public Hearing

Niagara County - The Town of Cambria, as lead agency, has accepted a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Niagara County Shovel Ready Project. A public hearing on the Draft GEIS will be held on August 11, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Town of Cambria Town Hall, 4160 Upper Mountain Road, Sanborn, New York 14132. Written comments on the Draft GEIS will be accepted until August 21, 2011. A copy of the Draft GEIS is available at the Town of Cambria Town Hall or on the Town's website at: www.townofcambria.com.

The action involves the rezoning and environmental assessment of approximately 152 acres of land from A-R (Agricultural Residential District) to B-2 (General Business District) to Planned Development (PD), to achieve pre-approved, shovel ready certification for the subject property under the Build Now-NY Program initiative. The objective is to qualify the property under the high technology-manufacturing site development profile. The project is located on the north side of Lockport Road, east of Campbell Boulevard in the Town of Cambria, New York.

Contact: Wright H. Ellis, Town of Cambria, 4160 Upper Mountain Road, Sanborn, NY 14132, Phone: (716) 433-8523.

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