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ENB - Region 2 Notices 2/23/2011

Public Notice

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) has received a Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) application from East 138th Street, LLC for a site known as the Former Getty and Cities Services Gas Station Sites, site ID #C203057. This site is located in the City of New York, Borough of the Bronx within the County of Bronx, and is located at 2551 3rd Avenue and 245 East 138th Street. Comments regarding this application must be submitted no later than March 25, 2011. Information regarding the site, the application, and how to submit comments can be found at: http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/60058.html or send comments to Dana Kaplan, NYS DEC - Region 2, One Hunters Point Plaza, 47-40 21st Street, Long Island City, NY 11101, Phone: (718) 482-7541, E-mail: dpkaplan@gw.dec.state.ny.us.

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Conditioned Negative Declaration

New York County (Queens) - The New York City Planning Commission, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed 148-02 14th Avenue will not have a significant adverse environmental impact provided specific conditions are met. There will be a 30 day public comment period commencing with the date of this notice.

The action involves an application by TD Bank for a zoning map amendment to add a C1-2 commercial overlay to an existing R3A district located on Block 4645, Lots 1, 3, 37 and a portion of Lot 22 in the Whitestone section of Queens, Community District 7, New York. The proposed action would facilitate a proposal by the applicant to develop a one-story 3,849 square foot bank with 18 accessory parking spaces and drive-through teller facilities on a 19,573 square foot property located at 148-02 14th Avenue. The project site is located on the corner of 148th Street, 14th Avenue, and Cross Island Boulevard.

The current R3A zoning district permits residential uses at a maximum FAR of 0.6 and community facility uses at a maximum allowable FAR of 1.0. Commercial uses are not permitted as-of-right.

The applicant owns two of the affected lots, Lots 1 and 37. Lots 1 and 37 are currently occupied by a non-conforming lumberyard and storage area that have been in existence for at least the past 50 years. Lot 1 is an approximately 7,520 square foot irregular lot with frontages along Cross Island Parkway, 14th Avenue and 148th Street, and Lot 37 is an approximately 12,000 square foot lot that fronts along 148th Street. In the Reasonable Worst Case Development Scenario analyzed in the Environmental Assessment Statement (EAS), Lots 1 and 37 are identified as a projected development site, and it is expected that the applicant would redevelop the property with a 1 story (23 foot tall) bank building at an FAR of 0.20 under the proposed rezoning. The development would include an at grade accessory parking lot for 18 vehicles and drive-through teller facilities. The bank building and drive through facility would be accessed via 24 foot entrance and exit curb cuts on 148th Street and the Cross Island Parkway. The anticipated build year is 2012. Absent the proposed action the current uses would remain on the project site.

Lot 3, which is not owned by the applicant, is an irregular-sized lot approximately 9,882 square feet in size that fronts along Cross Island Parkway (service road) and is currently occupied with an automotive repair facility. The automotive use is not permitted as-of-right and exists pursuant to a series of BSA approvals and renewals. The current BSA approval expires in 2011. It is possible that the BSA approvals would be renewed. If not, under the proposed C1-2 commercial overlay, the property could be redeveloped with an approximately 9,882 square foot commercial building. Lot 3 is considered as a potential development site in the Environmental Assessment Statement. Potential sites are less likely to be developed than projected sites. As described below, the rezoning proposal includes an (E) designation for hazardous materials on Lot 3.

Lot 22, which is also not owned by the applicant, is currently occupied by a non-conforming gas station. Approximately one-third of the site would be rezoned with a C1-2 overlay as a result of the proposed action. The proposed overlay is not expected to result in any additional development on Lot 22.

The proposed rezoning includes an (E) designation for hazardous materials. The placement of the (E) designation would eliminate the potential for significant adverse impacts related to hazardous materials on the potential development site (Lot 3).

The conditions are: The applicant, TD Bank, agrees via a restrictive declaration to prepare a hazardous materials sampling protocol including a health and safety plan, which would be submitted to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) for approval. The applicant agrees to test and identify any potential hazardous material impact pursuant to the approved sampling protocol and, if any such impact is found, submit a hazardous material remediation plan including a health and safety plan to NYC DEP for approval. If necessary, remediation measures would be undertaken pursuant to the remediation plan.

Contact: Celeste Evans, New York City Department of City Planning, 22 Reade Street, Room 4E, New York, NY 10007, Phone: (212) 720-3321, E-mail: c_evans@planning.nyc.gov.

Notice of Acceptance of Final EIS

Bronx County (Bronx) - The New York City Planning Commission, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Webster Avenue Rezoning. Copies of the Final EIS are available for public inspection at the office of the contact listed below and on line at: http://web1.dcp.nycnet/DCP/html/dcp/html/env_review/eis.shtml. The proposal involves actions by the New York City Planning Commission and Council of the City of New York pursuant to Uniform Land Use Review Procedures (ULURP). A public hearing on the Draft EIS was held on January 5, 2011. Written comments on the Draft EIS were requested and were received by the Lead Agency until January 18, 2011. The Final EIS incorporates responses to the public comments received on the Draft EIS and additional analysis conducted subsequent to the completion of the Draft EIS.

The action involves a proposal by applicants, New York City Department of City Plannning, for zoning map and zoning text amendments affecting Webster Avenue and the Bedford Park and Norwood neighborhoods in Bronx Community Districts 7 and 12, New York. The rezoning falls marginally within Community District 12 by inclusion of two lots in this district located in the northeast corner of the rezoning area. The areas affected by the proposed action include all or portions of 80 blocks, generally bounded by East Gun Hill Road to the north, East Fordham Road to the south, the Metro-North Railroad Harlem Line to the east, and Valentine Avenue and Rochambeau Avenue to the west.

The Webster Avenue corridor is proposed for the mapping of zoning districts that would permit contextual residential development and medium density commercial uses, where current zoning is generally oriented to low-scale automotive-related commercial uses. Because of Webster Avenue's existing zoning for heavy commercial uses, it lacks the development density of the adjoining neighborhoods, and is lined with numerous underdeveloped lots and vacant properties. The proposed mixed-use residential and commercial development generated by the proposed action would maximize the development potential of this important corridor in the Bronx. The proposed action is also intended to shape Webster Avenue into a vibrant, inviting, and walkable residential and commercial corridor.

For the Bedford Park and Norwood neighborhoods to the west of the Webster Avenue corridor, the proposed action is intended to preserve low density development characteristic of these residential areas, and to shift new development from these neighborhoods to Webster Avenue. Through height limits and contextual requirements of the proposed zoning, development incentives would be removed from the lower-density neighborhoods and shifted to higher-density areas such as Webster Avenue.

Contact: Robert Dobruskin, New York City Department of City Planning, 22 Reade Street, Room 4E, New York, NY 10007, Phone: (212) 720-3495.

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