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ENB - Region 3 Notices 06/02/2010

Public Notice

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) announces the extension of the Open Application Period until July 1, 2010 for the Landowner Incentive Program: Management and Protection of Bog Turtle Habitat.

Private landowners will be able to apply for technical advice and funding for the protection of at-risk species and their habitats, specifically bog turtles and their habitat. Eligibility is limited to privately-owned land within portions of the following counties: Columbia, Greene, Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam, Sullivan and Orange.

Approximately $150,000 will be made available for projects. Eligible landowners will compete for funding, with individual grants limited to a minimum amount of $5,000 and a maximum of $50,000. The cost effectiveness of a project will have a direct impact on an application's rank and score. All grants require a minimum of 25% in matching funds from non-federal and/or non-state funding sources.

The deadline for pre-application submission has been extended to July 1, 2010.

Application can be found at: http://www.dec.ny.gov/pubs/48707.html or by contacting: Marcelo J. del Puerto, NYS DEC - Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12223-4754, Phone: (518) 402-8942, E-mail: F&WLIP@gw.dec.state.ny.us.

Negative Declaration

Ulster County - The Town of New Paltz Town Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Amendment of the Code of the Town of New Paltz for the Regulation of Floodplain Areas will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves an amendment of portions of Chapter 121, "Subdivision of Lands", and Chapter 82, "Flood Damage Prevention", and Section 140-19, "Floodplain District" of the Code of the Town of New Paltz to regulate the development of land within special flood hazard areas, as have been identified by the National Flood Insurance Program, to permit only development which is appropriate in light of the probability of flood damage and could result in the potential loss of life and property, health and safety hazards and extraordinary public expenses for flood protection and relief. The project is located in various flood prone locations throughout the Town of New Paltz, New York.

Contact: David B. Clouser, Town of New Paltz, 1 Paradies Lane, New Paltz, NY 12561, Phone: (845) 256-9600, E-mail: dbsea@dcaengrs.com.

Notice of Acceptance of Draft EIS and Public Hearing

Sullivan County - The Town of Forestburgh Town Board, as lead agency, has accepted a Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Lost Lake Resort Planned Development District (PDD). A public hearing on the Draft EIS will be held on June 16, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Forestburgh Firehouse, 2539 NYS Route 42, Forestburgh NY. Written comments on the Draft EIS will be accepted until July 2, 2010 or for a minimum of ten days after the close of the public hearing, whichever is later. A copy of the Draft EIS is available for viewing at the Town Clerk's office listed below and on the following web site: www.timmillerassociates.com/publicreview/lostlake.

The action involves the proposed development of the Lost Lake Resort a master planned golf course resort and residential community consisting of 2,557 single-family residential lots, a cluster of 30 single-family cottages, and 40 multi-family townhouse-style condominium dwellings, for a total of 2,627 residences, and associated infrastructure including a private road system, an onsite water supply system, and a wastewater treatment plant. Amenities proposed include an 18 hole championship golf course, a lodge and restaurant, a spa and a variety of recreational uses including open space, parklands, walking trails, and equestrian trails, most of which will be open to the general public. The applicant proposes to preserve at least 1,040 acres of land defined as open space in the PDD regulation to conserve natural areas and native wildlife habitats and corridors. The application seeks to re-designate the zoning district for the project site from RR-1 to PDD. Approvals from various Federal, State and regional agencies will also be required. The project consists of ten tax parcels totaling 2,079.51 acres all owned by Double Diamond, Inc., and located entirely in the Town of Forestburgh, New York in the RR-1 zoning district. St. Joseph's Road (County Route 108) transverses the project site in a west-east orientation and Cold Spring Road (County Route 102) passes the northeast corner of the site.

Contact: Joanne K. Nagoda, Town of Forestburgh, Forestburgh Town Hall, P.O Box 114, 332 Kings Road, Forestburgh, NY 12777, Phone: (845) 794-0611, Ext. 12.

Notice of Acceptance of Draft EIS and Rescheduling of the Public Hearing

Westchester County - The Town of Mount Pleasant, as lead agency, has accepted a Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Taconic Tract. A public hearing on the Draft EIS has been rescheduled for June 21, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. at the Town Hall, One Town Hall Plaza, Mount Pleasant, NY 10595. Written comments deadline on the Draft EIS has been extended to July 1, 2010. A hard copy of the Draft EIS is available at: the Planning Board Office (Town Hall), Mount Pleasant Library and an online version is available at: http://www.mtpleasantny.com/Pages/Index.

The action involves the proposed subdivision of 30.00 acres as a 17 lot subdivision, the majority of which is proposed to be developed as a conservation subdivision. The proposed project will subdivide three existing parcels into a total of 16 building lots, two of which already exist, for a total of 14 new building lots. Nine of the 16 homes will be on smaller size lots; the other 7 will be on minimum 1 acre lots. A seventeenth lot is included in this application solely because a portion of the access road travels over a small section of that lot. The proposed construction includes construction of 16 single-family residential dwellings, access roads, driveways, sanitary sewers, water supply facilities, stormwater management facilities, and landscaping. The road system will remain private and a homeowners association will be formed, of which every lot owner will be a member, which will be responsible for maintenance of the roads, stormwater management facilities and any common areas/open space in the Subdivision. The project is located between the Taconic State Parkway to the east, Washburn Road to the south, Todd Lane to the west and Carlton Avenue to the north in the Town of Mount Pleasant, New York.

Contact: Dorothy Maiden, One Town Hall Plaza, Mount Pleasant, NY 10595, Phone (914) 742-2327, E-mail: dmaiden@mtpleasantny.

Notice of Acceptance of Final EIS

Ulster County - The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (NYS OPRHP) and the Palisades Interstate Park Commission (PIPC), as co-lead agencies, have accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Adoption and Implementation of a Master Plan for Minnewaska State Park Preserve. A hard copy of the Final Plan/Final EIS is available at the following locations: the Preserve Office, at the offices of the agency contacts and at the Elting Memorial Library, 93 Main Street, New Paltz, New York 12561 and the Ellenville Public Library, 40 Center Street, Ellenville NY 12428. The online version of the Final Plan/Final EIS is available at the following publically accessible web site: http://www.nysparks.state.ny.us/inside-our-agency/public-documents.aspx.

The action involves the adoption and implementation of a Master Plan for Minnewaska State Park Preserve. The final plan includes proposals for resource protection and for recreation use including expansion of hiking, biking, equestrian and climbing opportunities, preparation of a climbing management plan, reuse of the former Phillips house as the Preserve Office and Visitor Center, rehabilitation of the existing maintenance facility, and improved parking lot design. The plan recognizes the continuing importance of natural resource protection and management including participation in ridgewide efforts focused on fire management, deer impacts on biodiversity and invasive species control. The plan recommends that the entire park continue to be designated a State Park Preserve and that a large portion of the park be designated as a New York State Natural Heritage Area and as a New York State Bird Conservation Area. The Final EIS describes potential environmental impacts and mitigation of those impacts. Areas that have been evaluated with respect to impacts include: transportation/access, land, recreation/open space, water resources, biological resources/ecology, cultural resources, scenic/aesthetic resources and public health. The project is at the Minnewaska State Park Preserve located in the Towns of Warwarsing, Gardiner, Rochester, and Shawangunk, New York.

Contacts: Fred Williams, Palisades Interstate Park Commission, Administration Headquarters, Bear Mountain, NY 10911, Phone (845) 786-270, Fax: 845-786-2776; and Thomas B. Lyons, NYS OPRHP, Agency Building 1, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12238, Phone: (518) 474 0409, Fax: (518) 474-7013.

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