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ENB - Region 9 Notices 9/9/2009

Public Notice

Pursuant to General Municipal Law Section 120-w, the Village of Sloan hereby gives notice of its Final Request for Proposals for Collection of Garbage, Refuse and Recyclable Materials; Disposition of Recyclables; and Disposal of Mixed Municipal Solid Waste, Trash and Bulky Items.

Please take notice that the Village of Sloan invites all interested parties to submit proposals in accordance with the terms and conditions described in this request for proposals and the further specifications with respect to the weekly collection of garbage, refuse and recyclable materials; the delivery of recyclables to a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) approved Recyclables Handling and Recovery Facility for processing and the accounting for revenues derived therefrom; and the disposal of acceptable trash, rubbish and bulky waste.

Proposal Notice

The Village of Sloan has previously awarded separate contracts for collection and disposal of garbage, but is considering awarding a single comprehensive contract for collection, recycling, and disposal of materials, if such a comprehensive contract results in benefit to the Village. Therefore, companies submitting proposals will be asked to complete a proposal form containing separate costs for collection and disposal as well as a combined cost proposal.

An original and six (6) copies must be submitted to the Village of Sloan and must contain the specific information requested. Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified check or money order in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00). This filing fee is non-refundable. Proposals received without said fee shall not be considered.

The Village of Sloan reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals. In evaluating any proposals, the Village of Sloan, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to award the contract determined to be in the best interest of the Village. No proposal may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the date and time for receiving proposals. A performance bond or letter of credit in the full amount of the proposed contract for one year, excluding any Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases, is required. This must be renewed for any extensions.

Each proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Village of Sloan, and shall have the name of the business noted thereon. Proposals must be received by September 30, 2009.

Each proposal must state the experience of the business on the basis of which they purport to be qualified to carry out all work required; the ability of the business to secure and maintain adequate financing to carry out the work for the life of the contract; the location or locations where disposal will occur; the utilization of any resource recovery technology for processing mixed solid waste; and its proposals, in general terms, for project staffing, implementation of work tasks and the carrying out of all responsibilities required.

Proposals will also be evaluated on the basis of additional factors, including but not limited to the technical evaluation of disposal facility design, energy balance and efficiency, environmental protection, overall employment and recovery of materials, the technical evaluation of equipment, and the adaptability of the proposer's equipment to the utilization of a garbage tote system if one should be instituted in the Village of Sloan. The Village of Sloan seeks proposals which incorporate suggestions for long-range modifications of collection and disposal procedures to obtain efficiencies resulting in cost reduction or containment. Proposals which contain practical recommendations for methodologies achieving such cost efficiencies will be given favorable consideration. Proposers are invited to submit relevant information to enable the Village of Sloan to evaluate the proposal in terms of any or all of these additional factors, although net cost shall be the predominant factor in the evaluation of proposals.

The contract will be awarded to a responsible proposer. Responsibility shall include the proposer's compliance with existing labor standards, recognizing state and federally approved apprenticeship training programs, and the willingness of the proposer to provide for meaningful participation of minority group persons and business enterprises in the conduct of work. Proposers shall submit information permitting the Village of Sloan to assess these factors of responsibility.

Further information relative to this request for proposals, and copies of the proposal form and specifications, may be obtained from: Leonard Szymanski, Sloan Village Hall, 425 Reiman Street, Sloan, New York 14212, Phone: (716)897-1560, Fax: (716) 896-2728, E-mail: Sloanny@roadrunner.com.

Negative Declaration

Erie County - The City of Buffalo Planning Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Signature Development/Enrg Inc., Building Rehabilitation will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves a proposal by the applicant, Signature Development/Enrg Inc., for the rehabilitation of an existing, vacant building of 65,000 square feet which is located in the city's Empire Zone. The project will include the manufacturing of critical ceramic components for clean energy systems. The plans include to fully occupy 30,000 square feet of which 15,000 square feet will be clean room, 5,000 square feet will be offices and the remaining area will be used for the production of product and storage. The exterior of the building will be completely restored, including masonry cleaning/re-pointing and the restoration of the existing windows. A new parking lot is planned providing 38 spaces and a drop off loop to accommodate a new handicapped accessible building entrance with an overhead canopy. The new entrance will lead into the first floor circulation corridor, where the historic fabric will be restored along with the Cherry Street entrance. New landscaped pedestrian walkways will extend from Cherry Street and Spring Street through the parking lot to the new entrance. The project is located at 127 Cherry Street (aka 125-127 Cherry Street) in the City of Buffalo, New York.

Contact: Martin Grunzweig, City of Buffalo, Room 901, City Hall, Buffalo, NY 14202, Phone: (716) 851-5085.

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