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Classroom Activities and Printable Activity Sheets

Spring 2014 - Become an Outdoor Explorer

Citizen Science

Many different citizen science projects can be incorporated into your classroom. By doing this, you can help students enhance their observational skills, as well as focus on topics like math, writing, art, and science. In addition, data collected from projects help scientists learn more about the plants and animals being observed. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has numerous bird-related citizen science projects available.

Geared toward classroom use, Journey North enables students to track the arrival of spring through such things as bird migration, budding of trees, and more. For additional ideas, see the "Recommended Resources" page.

Earth Day

Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22nd since its founding in 1970. Established as a way to bring more attention to environmental issues, Earth Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the Earth and take steps to protect and improve the environment. For ideas on how to incorporate Earth Day into your curriculum, visit edHelper's Earth Day page.

Project WET

The mission of Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is to teach children, parents, educators, and community members about the importance of water. Through Project WET materials, you can help your students learn more about such topics as water conservation, watersheds, and wetlands. Many curriculum materials can be used in the classroom itself, and some activities include opportunities for exploring the great outdoors. More information regarding the Project WET curriculum can be found on the Project WET website. For information regarding Project WET in New York, visit DEC's Project WET website.

This Issue's "Outside Page"

A variety of activities can be done while becoming an outdoor explorer. Just a few of them are described on the Outside Page (page 8) of this issue of Conservationist for Kids. While the focus of the Outside Page is family camping adventures and summer camp programs, you can use this information in your classroom lessons and perhaps even incorporate ideas for summer "homework" assignments, such as having students keep a nature journal or scrapbook documenting their adventures.

Teacher supplement for this issue (PDF, 64 KB).