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I FISH NY Out-of-Class Lesson Plans

5 Senses and Fish ID

As with humans, fish have five senses. These senses are utilized to assist in acquiring food (prey), to defend against predators, and in some cases for schooling with others of their own species.

Students will be introduced to some of the animals that live in an aquatic environment, and will participate in an activity to learn how fish utilize their senses to acquire prey and defend themselves.

Casting Backyard Bass

Fishing is an exciting time that can be shared with family, friends, or alone. When you fish, it is important to know about the type fish, the fishing pole, and reel you are using. Where you fish, what type of water you fish in, and what fish species you are targeting will dictate how you fish and with which equipment. In this lesson, students will play a game in order to learn how to properly cast a fishing rod. Students will be shown different rod types and fishing tackle.

Fish ID and Lure Art

Students will learn to identify 3-5 local freshwater/saltwater species while learning about the types of artificial fishing lures they can use to catch these species.

Fish Identification Memory Game

Students will be introduced to the New York State Fishing Regulations (Freshwater or Saltwater depending on the site of study), how these regulations are enforced, and why we have these regulations in place. Students will play a memory card game to become familiar with local fish species and the regulations on these species.

Freshwater Fisheries Management

This lesson focuses on conservation and management efforts for freshwater fisheries. Students will learn: the role of the NYSDEC in freshwater fisheries management, several net types used for fisheries surveys, and 1-2 local freshwater fish species.

Knot Tying

A well tied knot can play a significant role in helping a person catch a fish. In this lesson, students will learn how to tie a clinch knot and bait a hook. Depending on the level of the students, additional fishing knots may be introduced.

Predator Prey

Students will learn an example of each a predator and prey species that they can catch in a local water body. Students will be introduced to aquatic predator-prey relationships by playing a tag game. Predator and prey defensive traits will also be introduced (camouflage, schooling, external anatomy).

Regulations Scavenger Hunt

It is important to be able to identify fish in order to determine if they are a regulated species. Knowing fishing regulations and some simple information about fish will help promote the health and abundance of fish stocks.

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