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I FISH NY Lesson Plans

The I FISH NY program was developed by the NYSDEC with the primary goal of increasing fishing participation in New York State. A main goal accomplished by increasing public awareness of the outstanding fishing opportunities available in New York; providing information on the fishing techniques/skills necessary to make best use of these opportunities; increasing knowledge of the fish and aquatic resources of New York State; and improving fishing opportunities in suburban and urban areas of New York State where the bulk of the State's population resides.

I FISH NY welcomes teachers and educators to an online resource for lessons on fishing, fish and aquatic science. Here, you will find links to several lessons intended for formal (in class) or informal (out of class) classroom settings. The lessons on this site are intended for grades 3-12. Lessons and activities include a lesson plan, background information, accompanying handouts, and supplemental activities that can be used for assessment. All lessons are aligned with the New York State Common Core Standards.

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