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From the February 2013 Conservationist for Kids

The Outside Page

Pest Patrol

By Gina Jack

Pest Patrol

Keep an eye open for plants and animals (or signs that they've been near) as you explore outdoors. Are they pests or pals? Why? When might a pest also be a pal-a good thing to have around? For example, milkweed in the garden may be a weed, but it's also food for monarch caterpillars. A mouse in the house is not good, but one in the wild eats lots of insects and weeds and is, itself, food for many predators.

Great Lakes Crossword

Read this issue of Conservationist for Kids to find the answers to the clues.

A great lakes crossword puzzle

5. A Great Lake which borders New York State
6. A plant which is growing where it is not wanted
7. This group of lakes contains 18% of the world's surface fresh water
9. A plant or animal that is bothersome to people
11. Buffalo sits at this lake's eastern end
13. The largest of the Great Lakes
14. Water from this lake flows into Lake Erie
15. The only Great Lake which is entirely within the United States

1. Sea _____ is an invasive animal that feeds upon fish
2. A group of watersheds that drain into the same area
3. A stream or river that drains into a lake
4. An area of land where all the water drains to the same place
6. An invasive aquatic plant with hard, nut-like seeds
8. Someone who takes care of things
10. What 8 Down may take care of
12. A chemical used to control pests