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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has added a link to a translation service developed by Microsoft Inc., entitled Bing Translator, as a convenience to visitors to the DEC website who speak languages other than English.

Additional information can be found at DEC's Language Assistance Page.

Past Issues 2013

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In this issue you will learn how New York State is home to many thousands of species of plants and animals. Each one of those species plays an important role in the overall health of our natural environment.

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What do you know about Acid Rain?
In this issue:

  • Learn about acid rain and pH
  • Discover the effects of acid rain on our environment
  • Find out how we can monitor air pollution and what you can do to help
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Discover how we all can take care of the Great Lakes. In this issue:

  • Learn about the Great Lakes watersheds and drainage basins
  • Find out how to deal with pests without harming the environment
  • Discover how the water cycle connects us to everything else