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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has added a link to a translation service developed by Microsoft Inc., entitled Bing Translator, as a convenience to visitors to the DEC website who speak languages other than English.

Additional information can be found at DEC's Language Assistance Page.


Spring 2012

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A chipmunk sitting in a bush eating red berries

Home Is Where the Habitat Is

by Gina Jack

page 3

A woodchuck peeks out of a hole in the ground in a grassy field

Exploring Habitats

by Gina Jack

page 4

A beaver in the woods in the fall

Change Happens

by Gina Jack

page 6

Volunteers bent over while pulling out garlic mustard plants

People Helping Wildlife

by Gina Jack

page 7

The logo for the Outsde Page with a sun forming the letter O

The Outside Page

by Gina Jack

page 8