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Curriculum Resources

Supplement for Classroom Teachers - Meet the Sea

Marine Environments

Marine waters are fascinating to explore, whether by the water, at an aquarium, or through books and videos. They are also fragile environments that we depend upon for food, biodiversity, recreation, and transportation. New York State is home to a variety of marine habitats, each supporting different wildlife and plants. No matter where we live in New York State, we each affect the health of our ocean and the marine habitats within it, and we all benefit from its resources.

This issue of Conservationist for Kids (C4K) introduces readers to the marine waters of New York State, from the habitats and wildlife they support, to the ways in which we make use of the resource. When we understand and appreciate what is in our own backyard, we are more likely to understand why it needs to be protected, and how we can contribute to its care.

This Issue's "Outside Page"

The activities on the Outside Page (page 8) of this issue of C4K provide ways in which students can contribute to keeping marine environments clean and healthy. While some of the activities are best completed with family and friends or community groups, World Oceans Day is well suited as a classroom or school-wide activity.

Teacher Workshops

For teachers who have participated in a Project WILD, Project WILD Aquatic or Project WET workshop, the activities listed below complement the winter 2012 issue of C4K. Visit Workshops for Educators for information about workshops and about how to obtain curriculum and activity guides.

  • Project WILD: What's That Habitat? (see aquatic extension)
  • Project WILD Aquatic: Are You Me?, Marsh Munchers, Water We Eating?, Plastic Jellyfish, Wetland Metaphors
  • Project WET: Salt Marsh Players, Water Works, Wish Book
  • Project WET 2.0: Ocean Habitats, There is No Away

Do you have an interactive white board in your classroom?

If you use a SMART Board or similar interactive white board or projection system in your classroom, consider downloading a PDF of C4K and using it in your classroom, along with the printed copies enclosed in this mailing. This issue and all of our back issues are available.