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Sharp Eyes

Objective: The students will become aware of the importance of their sense of sight, and they will heighten their ability to notice small details.

Materials: None needed

Grade level: All

Time: 5 -10 minutes

Season: Any

This short game can serve as a warm-up before an outdoor experience. In playing it, the students realize that they must be very observant if they are to notice the things around them. This game also reinforces the importance of the students' involvement in the activities.

You might introduce "Sharp Eyes" by telling the students that they are about to explore a special world - the world of nature. In order to really get to know this world, they must use all of their senses and be very observant, for much in nature is silent, shy, or hidden.

Activity Description:

Divide the class into two equal teams and have them face each other about four or five feet apart. At a signal, each person looks carefully at the player opposite them, noting as much as possible about their appearance. At another signal, both lines turn around so they face in opposite directions. Each person then alters something in his appearance (untie a shoelace, fasten a button, take off a shoe, fold lip a pant leg, etc.). At a third signal, the two lines turn and face each other again, and each player tries to spot the changes in the player opposite them. The team with the greatest number of correct answers wins.

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