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Pebble Activity

Objective: The students will use their sense of touch and sight to closely observe an object and later to distinguish it from others.

Grade level: Elementary, Intermediate

Time: 10 minutes

Season: Any (can be inside and outside)

Materials: Large container. a pebble fix each student (can also be done with leaves or other objects instead of pebbles).

This short game illustrates the necessity for close observation, using touch as well as sight, to become more aware of the things around us. It also introduces the idea of the endless variety or diversity in nature: the special differences among apparently identical objects.

Activity Description:

  1. Collect as many pebbles as there are students (they may be able to do this for you as part of the activity, if you have a handy collecting site nearby). Pass the pebbles out to the students and have each student carefully investigate his own pebble for about 5 minutes. What shape is the pebble? How big is it compared to the student's hand? What colors can they find in it? Is it warm or cool, moist or dry'? Is it rough or smooth? Then collect the pebbles again, mix them together in the container, and pour them onto a flat area where the students can see them. Have the students try to find their original pebble (you may want to have them come up in small groups to look through the pebbles).
  2. Try this with different kinds of leaves (or even leaves from the same tree), cones, nuts or any other common objects found outside. Emphasize the variety that lies hidden in the objects which the students can discover, if they look closely (just as all human beings have certain unique qualities).

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