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Predator, Predator, Don't Eat Me!

Group Size: 5 or more
Duration: 10 - 25 minutes
Concept: Children will use a tag game to better understand predator/prey relationships (based on the familiar children's game, 'Red Light, Green Light, 1,2,3')
Location/Area: Outdoors, open area
Age/Grade Level: k-3rd
Materials: none

Have children form a straight line, explain the rules of the game. One child will be selected to be the "prey." The rest of the group will be the "predators." The child selected as prey will be positioned about 25 feet from the line of predators. The child chosen as prey will choose a prey animal that they will portray. The predators then will decide the animals they will be. After predators and prey have been decided, the child chosen as prey will turn around facing away from the group and say "Predator, Predator, don't eat me!" as the predator children sneak up behind the prey. Children must freeze before the child chosen as prey turns around. If the prey sees the predator move, they must return to start. When original prey is tagged by a predator, the predator will now become the prey.

For Example...
If a student decides to be a mouse, the others can be cats, snakes, hawks, owls, etc.

Advanced: students sneaking up on the prey must mime their predator species (bats might have arms out to represent wings, lions could have claws outstretched, etc)

Encourage students to select different sets of predators and prey each time, from different habitats or regions of the world.

Some students need closer supervision than other students. Make sure this does not turn into roughhousing. Know your students. A long distance between the starting predators and the prey is recommended.

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