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Group Size: small class

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Concept: Predator-Prey, Physical Ed

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Age/grade: Pre-K through 2

Objectives: Students enjoy a variation on Duck-Duck-Goose!

Materials: None

Procedures: Play mouse-mouse-snake following a lesson in predator-prey relationships, or an examination of food chains and what animals eat.

Ask students if they know how to play 'duck-duck-goose!' Explain that 'today in this class we are going to change the rules. We are going to play 'mouse-mouse-snake!' or 'fish-fish-shark!' or 'zebra-zebra-lion!'

The game is played the same way as 'duck-duck-goose!', the students sit in a circle, with one student being designated as 'it'. Instead of the birds, the 'it' student has to think of a predator-prey pair. Reinforce the difference between a predator and prey, and go over some examples.

The 'it' student taps heads around the circle with the prey animal's name (earthworm...earthworm...earthworm...), and then the last one is the predator (...robin!), and the chase is on. The predator continues the game, is 'it', and picks a different pair of animals.

If students have trouble thinking of an appropriate pair, they can provide one animal, and the teacher can make several suggestions on the other- either predator or prey, depending upon what the students select. Encourage students to select different predator-prey pairs throughout the game.

Some local suggestions:

Fish, Fish, Turtle!
Rabbit, Rabbit, Hawk!
Plankton, Plankton, Clam!
Clam, Clam, Starfish!
Bluefish, Bluefish, Osprey!
Moth, Moth, Spider!
Chipmunk, Chipmunk, Weasel!
Mosquito, Mosquito, Bat!

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