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Guess Who?

Group Size: small class

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Concept: Adaptation, Role-playing, Interpretation

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Age/grade: Pre-K through 2

Objectives: Children will understand and act out various adaptations of animals.

Materials: Magazine clippings of many different and familiar species of animals
Plastic eggs containers (or decorated box, see alternative below)


Place magazine clippings into eggs with stickers. Prior to event, hide eggs in a specified area.

Explain to the students that they will be playing a special game. Ask them if they know a lot about animals.

Give each child a spot (their desk, a circle on the floor, etc) that represents their 'nest' or 'den.' Depending on the number of eggs available, allot children a number they can collect. After they gather their eggs, instruct them to return to their nest or den. Make sure each child receives an equal number of eggs.

Once all children are seated, explain there are animal photos inside the eggs. When it is their turn, they can open one of their eggs. They should keep their photo a secret, because they will be entering the circle to "act" out their animal with sounds and motions, while the group tries to guess what they are. When the group has finished guessing, the child can show the group the photo. Take this opportunity to talk about camouflage, predator vs. prey, habitat, etc.

Collect the photos and the eggs from the students; they get to keep the stickers.


If there is not adequate space in the classroom to hide the eggs, use a decorated box rather for the photos / magazine clippings. Each student must reach in and pull out the photo before they act out their animal. Remember to hand out the stickers afterwards.

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