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Mammal Mobile

Overview: Mammals have distinct characteristics that separate them from other animals. Students will make a mobile distinguishing mammals from non-mammals.

Subjects: Science and Art

Grade: 1-3

Length: Moderate


  • Book with animal pictures (mammals and non-mammals)
  • Magazines with pictures of mammals for cutting.
  • One twig for each child (approximately 12")
  • Cardboard
  • Strings or yarn


  1. Provide students with information on what makes mammals different from other animals.
  2. Using a book about animals or individual pictures of animals, have students identify which animals are mammals and which are not. Have them provide a reason for each answer they give.
    Example: "I know the crocodile is not a mammal because it lacks hair or fur."
  3. Once students can confidently distinguish mammals from other animals, they will create a mobile. They can make a mobile of only mammals or one that has mammals on one end and non-mammals on another. They will begin by gluing animal pictures from the magazines onto cardboard and punching a hole at the top.
  4. Have them string each of the pictures onto colored yarn and hang from the twig. They can hang information about the animals on the mobile as well.
  5. As an alternative, students can make a mammal collage and glue their mammal pictures onto a poster board.

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