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From the Spring 2011 Conservationist for Kids

picture of public bus

Making Green Choices

By Gina Jack

Green: It's not just a color, it's a lifestyle!

Being "green" means making choices every day to lessen what we take from the planet. Being "green" also means making choices every day to increase what we give back. What choices do you make? Read the situations on these pages. Which is the "greener" choice? Do you have other suggestions that could be even more "green"?

HINT: Which choices use the least amount of energy or generate the least waste?

  1. You're going shopping. How will you carry your purchases home?
    reusable cloth bag OR plastic bag?
  2. You're going to the library. How will you get there?
    If the library is nearby, walk OR bicycle?
    If the library is farther away, public transit OR car OR carpool?
  3. It's cold in your home. What do you do?
    turn up the heat OR put on a sweater?
  4. You're packing lunch for school. What will you bring, and how will you carry it?
    prepackaged meal and a juice box, carried in a paper bag OR sandwich, apple and tap water (in a refillable bottle), carried in a reusable lunch bag?
  5. Lunch is over and it's time to clean up. Where does the waste go?
    into the trash can OR compost the food scraps and the packaging goes in the trash OR there's no waste because you used reusable packaging and had no leftovers?
  6. Your family is planning what to do during the school vacation this summer. What would you like to do? What would your green choice be?
    Are you an environmental steward? When you are a steward you take care of things. You behave responsibly and you know that you are accountable for your actions. When you are an environmental steward you understand that what you do today will affect tomorrow's world.

Share your ideas about how to go green. Make a poster that can be displayed in your school or neighborhood showing how easy it can be. Need inspiration? Visit I LOVE NY for green travel tips and the DEC education webpage for fun ways to learn about the outdoors.