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New York Recycles! Poster Contest 2016 Winners

drawing of pirate ship made of plastic bottle with newspaper sails. Can and bottle dressed as pirates are unearthing trunk with plastic, paper and glass. Scroll in lower right corner says

Grades K-3: First Place

Tyler Tricarico

Public School 8R

Staten Island, NY

drawing of a girl riding a bike with recycling stmbols on the weels set a against a blue recycling symbol decorated with traffic light and glass bottles. Text below reads

Grades K-3: Second Place

Sophie Shuang Cheng

P.S. 108 Philip Abinanti

Bronx, NY

A drawing of a girl shoveling compost onto flowers with the sun overhead. The text reads

Grades K-3: Third Place

Maya Sukhai

Dutch Lane School

Hicksville, NY

Three students handling recylables in a classroom. Text above reads

Grades K-3: Runner Up

Kathleen Wetterer

Burns Ave. School

Hicksville, NY

drawing of a family bringing recyclables to a recycling bin.

Grades K-3: Runner Up

Janie May

P.S. 188

Hollis Hills, NY

The shape of New York State filled in with newspaper and magazine clippings with callout bubbles featuring school recycling, composting, and recycling centers. The top says New York Recycles and a scroll on the bottom says 'Ever Upward and Recycling'

Grades 4-6: First Place

Eva Hymes


Loudonville, NY

The text reads Go Green in multicolored text with earths surrounded by a recycling symbol, full recycling bins, and a girl putting cans and bottles in the recycling.

Grades 4-6: Second Place

Denise Huaman

Hicksville Middle School

Hicksville, NY

A drawing of boat made of plastic bottles with sails featuring the recycling symbol, full of people and bags of recycling against the green sillhouette of NYS. The text reads

Grades 4-6: Third Place

Natalie Huang

Sacred Heart Middle School

Hicksville, NY

The shape of New York State made out of puzzle pieces being put together by a hand. The text reads Let's piece together a cleaner state... New York Recycles

Grades 4-6: Runner Up

Quinn Andrews

Cornwall Central Middle School

Cornwall, NY

New York State with roads connecting NYC, Albany, Lake George, Cooperstown, and Niagara Falls, each with a recycling bin. Decorated with a stoplight and keys, the text reads 'Recycle on the Go, It's the key to a cleaner New York!'

Grades 4-6: Runner Up

Mary Kate Sullenberger


Loudonville, NY

The text reads

Grades 7-9: First Place

Sarah Cavacos

Our Lady of Mercy

Rochester, NY

Drawing of a hill in front of a city skyline, on which is a statue of liberty holding a pennant reading Litter - Let's Pick It Up New York in place of a torch, and a cat and a squirrel putting recycling into a bin and a bag held by a hand.

Grades 7-9: Second Place

Vellia Zhou

Hunter College High School

New York City, NY

Drawing of a city skyline made of cans, paper, and bottles with a oversized girl walking through. The text on top reads

Grades 7-9: Third Place

Clara Lam

Nathaniel Hawthorne JH School

Bayside, NY

Drawing of three trees in a field with recycling posters on the trunks and the words New York Recycles on the leaves. The ground is covered with recyclables and recycling bins. Text on the bottom reads 'Keep It Clean! Pick It Up!'.

Grades 7-9: Runner Up

Lily Witkoski

Our Lady of Mercy

Rochester, NY

A drawing of a person throwing compost ingredients (leaves, eggshells, food waste) onto a farm. The text reads

Grades 7-9: Runner Up

Emma Arnold

Our Lady of Mercy

Rochester, NY

image of tree covered in litter being removed by a pair of hands with the text

Grade 10-12: First Place

Irene Park

Great Neck South High School

Great Neck, NY

image of a city skyline and a flower with the text

Grades 10-12: Second Place

Kortney Howell

Victor Senior High School

Victor, NY

image of a city skyline made of cans and bottles with a flowe and the text

Grades 10-12: Third Place

Joo Eun Kang

Great Neck South High School

Great Neck, NY

drawings of recyclable items wearing pageant sashes with the text

Grades 10-12: Runner Up

Andrea Rosanelle Cadornigara

Queens High School for the Sciences

Jamaica, NY

A drawing of recyclables and recycling bins with stick arms and legs playing on a playground with a tree. The text reads

Special Needs: First Place

Joseph Abreu

Seaman Neck Middle School

Seaford, NY

drawing of rainbow colored recycling symbol with the text

Special Needs: Second Place

Kai Williams

Seaman Neck Middle School

Seaford, NY

drawing of several bottles and cans in a bin decorated with squares clipped from magazines. Text reads

Special Needs: Third Place

Destiny Rodrigues

Seaman Neck Middle School

Seaford, NY

drawing of earth with the text New York Recycle set against skyline of building made of bottles and cartons. Text reads 'Reduce Reuse Recycle' and 'Recycled bottles today. we are supposed to do that everyday!!' decorated with recycling symbols.

Special Needs: Runner Up

Michael Nicholas

Seaman Neck Middle School

Seaford, NY