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Classroom Activities and Printable Activity Sheets

Fall 2010 Turkeys

Supplemental Activities for the Classroom

Turkeys Aren't the Only Ones
Turkeys are not the only species whose population in New York State has been restored through the efforts of wildlife managers. Have your students work in small groups to research and report on other species that have been successfully restored or for which there are ongoing restoration projects. Information about fish and wildlife restorations in New York can be found at DEC's Fish and Wildlife Species Restorations website (Suggestions: bald eagle, river otter, peregrine falcon, wood duck).

Habitat Loss and Fragmentation

Large-scale clearing of New York State's landscape for timber and agriculture in the 18th and 19th centuries was a major factor in the decline of wild turkeys. As the state's forests recovered, so did turkeys. Unfortunately, there are species whose habitats are still being lost or fragmented through human development or vegetative succession. Some of these species are still relatively abundant (e.g., ruffed grouse, American woodcock), while others are threatened or endangered (e.g., Karner blue butterfly, Henslow's sparrow). Have your students work in small groups to identify specific examples of habitat loss and species that are affected. (Suggestions: grasslands and upland sandpipers; shrubland/young forests and golden-winged warblers; wetlands and cricket frogs)

Teacher Workshops

For teachers who have participated in a Project WILD workshop, the activities listed below complement the fall 2010 issue of Conservationist for Kids. Visit DEC's Environmental Education website for information about workshops and about how to obtain curriculum and activity guides.

  • Let's Talk Turkey
  • What's That, Habitat?
  • Habitat Rummy
  • Planting Animals
  • Pay to Play
  • Oh Deer!

Conservationist for Kids Fall 2010 Teacher Supplement (PDF, 76 KB)