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From the Spring 2010 Conservationist for Kids

A casting plug inside of a hula hoop on the grass.

The Outside Page

Ideas for Exploring Outdoors!

By Joelle Ernst and Greg Kozlowski

Master Casters

It's not how far you can cast, but getting your cast to land where you want it to that makes you a master caster. Practice makes perfect, so let's have some fun! You can do this outdoors in the yard, or indoors in the gym. Just watch out for the ceiling lights!

You'll need:

  • Spincasting rod (basic fishing pole) (If you don't have a rod, use a stick with a piece of fishing line or string tied to one end.
  • Casting plug(s) - They're much safer than hooks when practicing. Use an improved clinch knot [link back to the knot] to tie the plug to the end of your line. (Alternate: use washer or heavy nut)
  • Hula hoop(s), garbage can or other casting target.

Let's get started...

Cast your plug so it lands inside the target. [link back to casting instructions] Move the target farther away as you get better. Remember, safety comes first so always look behind you before you cast!

For more information:

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