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Past Issues 2010

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Fall 2010

This issue is all about the wild turkeys. You can go just about anywhere in our state and there is a good chance you'll see a wild turkey. This was not always the case. In this issue you will learn about:

  • Turkey habitat
  • Turkey restoration in New York State
  • How wildlife managers work with turkeys in New York
  • Citizen science and keeping track of turkeys near you
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This issue is all about fish and fishing. Read more to learn about:

  • The different parts of fish and what they're for
  • What to bring on your fishing trip
  • How to use a spincasting rod and how to practice at home
  • The most popular freshwater and saltwater sportfish
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This issue is all about cold-blooded animals that hibernate in the winter.
Read the magazine to learn about:

  • Why animals hibernate
  • What insects do in the winter to survive
  • Where reptiles and amphibians go when the temperatures drop
  • How to go on a Snow Flea Safari