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Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center, Inc.

What is FOR?

Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center (FOR) is a not-for-profit corporation composed of dedicated supporters of Rogers Environmental Education Center. This group consists of four officers, and up to fifteen additional directors, all of whom serve without compensation. FOR directors provide valuable input, grass roots support, and help to promote Rogers Center programs. The annual meeting of the board of directors and the membership occurs in September.

What was its origin?

Members of the Sherburne Rotary Club conceived of the idea for an environmental education center in 1964. New York State adopted a proposal by the National Audubon Society for the center in 1966. In 1968, a Citizens Advisory Committee was formed to assist John Weeks, the Center's first director, in evaluating programs, and establishing community relations. This committee later became the Mid-York Conservation Fund, Inc. and is now called Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center, Inc.

The Mid-York Conservation Fund, Inc., purchased a collection of mounted birds from George Lesser, a noted taxidermist, as one of their first support activities for the Center.

Purpose and Function of the Corporation

  • The major purpose of FOR is to support and enhance the environmental education programs of Rogers Center.
  • The Naturalist Intern Program is cosponsored by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and FOR.
  • The Winter Living Celebration is supported by funds solicited from community organizations by the Board members. Whatever component of the Winter Living Celebration budget left unfunded is donated by FOR.
  • Other big events, including Earth Fest and Animals of Halloween are also supported by FOR. Donations are gratefully accepted at these events.
  • FOR also serves to augment the state's financial support of Rogers Center. Funds are used to purchase program materials, educational equipment, office equipment and supplies, and to pay speakers and performers for special programs.

Donations and Book Store

Funding comes to FOR from a variety of sources. Material contributions such as books, are given to the corporation, which allows their use by Rogers Center staff and visitors. These are the property of FOR. Monetary donations are used for general purpose or are earmarked for a specific need. We welcome donations in remembrance of individuals or as part of a will.

A small book store specializing in environmental and natural history titles is located at Rogers Center. All books are specially priced with additional discounts given to Friends of Rogers members. All purchases and sales are conducted through FOR.

Relationship with State of New York

A written memorandum of understanding exists between the two entities - Friends of Rogers Environmental Education Center, Inc. and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and FOR is now offering programs at the Rogers Environmental Education Center.


Individual and family memberships include free Friends of Rogers t-shirt(s), 10% discounts on all Rogers store purchases, discounts off all sunflower picking and snowshoe rental, invitation to annual membership meeting and helps support FOR. For more information and to become a member, download the Membership Application (62 KB, PDF) and drop off the completed application at the environmental education visitor center.

Board of Directors

Sharon Pelosi - President
Adam Schoonmaker, PhD. - Vice President
Carol Smith - Secretary
Sue Reymers - Treasurer
Paul Buckingham, PhD.
Rosemarie Cole
Marsha Guzewich
Paula Howard
Jenni Larcher
T.J. Moorehead
Jan Myers
Thurston Packer
John Pumilio
Laurie Trotta
Fred vonMechow

Major projects and Involvement

Camp Scholarships

Friends of Rogers, Inc. offers scholarships to Pack Forest DEC Campers each year. Applications are currently being accepted. Visit the DEC Camps page for more information about camps.

What can YOU do for Friends of Rogers?

If you are interested in working with FOR, please indicate your areas of interest on your completed membership application and return to:

Friends of Rogers
PO Box 932
Sherburne, NY 13460

phone number: 607-674-4733

Donations are gratefully accepted by FOR, Inc.

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