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Clean Air Fortune Teller

Play the Clean Air Fortune Teller Game here or by downloading and printing a copy!

Folding Instructions:

  1. Cut out the game along the outer dotted lines.
  2. With the printed side down, fold each of the 4 corners up to the center point so the pictures show (crease on solid lines).
  3. Turn the folded paper over. Then, once again, fold each of the 4 corners to the center so the text shows.
  4. With text facing up, fold the square in half from left to right making a rectangle, crease and open. Then fold the square in half again from top to bottom.
  5. Using two hands, place thumbs and index fingers under the 4 picture flaps.

Game Instructions:

  • Put the game on your fingers, either you or a friend should pick a number (from 1 to 5) and a picture. For example, the number 2 and the picture "Be Cool-Carpool."
  • Open and close the game in alternating directions while counting to the number you chose. Then read the question that is next to the selected picture, and guess the answer.
  • Lift the inside flap to read the correct answer. If playing with a friend don't forget to take turns reading and guessing.

Try to answer all the questions. Everyone wins by learning about Air!

Q: Which creates more pollution, the average car or the average home?

A: The average home. Save energy & keep the air cleaner by turning off your computer and the lights when you leave a room.

Q: What percentage of U.S. morning traffic consists of students being driven to school?

A: 20% Reduce air pollution by carpooling, taking the bus or walking to school.

Q: Combining the words "smoke" and "fog" creates what air pollution term?

A: Smog. Smog is formed when sunlight and air pollution interact.

Q: What percentage of electricity does the typical incandescent light bulb waste?

A: 90%, only 10% is turned into light. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) save energy and money.

Q: How fast was the fastest sneeze ever recorded?

A: 99 mph. Did you know that you always close your eyes when you sneeze?

Q: How many degrees has New York State warmed since 1970?

A: 2° F. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions helps to keep the earth healthy.

Q: What percentage of the world's oil supply does the U.S. consume each year?

A: 25% However, electrical use has been dropping in the U.S. by about 1% per year as Americans conserve energy.

Q: How many gallons of fuel does a Boeing 707 jet use in its take-off climb?

A: 4,000 gallons. Burning fossil fuels creates air pollution.

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