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Classroom Activities and Printable Activity Sheets

Spring 2009 Climate Change

Supplemental Activities for the Classroom

Build an Energy Mobile

As a class, create a mobile showing some of the ways we use energy and some ways we can save energy. Guide your students through a brainstorming session to make lists of ways they use energy and how they can save energy. Students may either draw pictures or cut out magazine photos to use in the mobile. Because the sun is the source of our energy, place it at the top, and build the branches of the mobile below it. If you like, balance energy use and energy savings in the same area on the same branch (e.g., driving in a car vs. riding a bicycle; using a clothes dryer vs. hanging items to dry on the line; using a reading lamp vs. relying on sunlight). Make multiple mobiles: one for savings at school, one for savings at home, and one for savings in the community.

Teacher Workshops

For teachers who have participated in a Project Learning Tree, Project WET or Project WILD workshop, the activities listed below complement the spring 2009 issue of C4K. For information about workshops and about how to obtain these curriculum and activity guides, visit our Teacher Workshop webpage.

Project Learning Tree:
The Global Climate; Our Changing World

Project WET:
Piece it Together

Project WILD:
Flip the Switch for Wildlife

Activity Sheets

Teacher Supplement (PDF) (39 KB)