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Curriculm Resources

Spring 2009 Climate Change

Using Conservationist for Kids in the Classroom

Conservationist for Kids (C4K), and its accompanying teacher supplement, is distributed to public school fourth-grade classes three times each school year (fall, winter, spring). These materials are also available at the Conservationist for Kids website in both HTML and PDF formats. Teachers and students may e-mail questions and suggestions to us at our Conservationist for Kids email box.. Printable activity sheets and links to other resources can also be found on our website. Visit the Conservationist for Kids website to find those resources and also back issues of the children's magazine.

Looking at Climate Change with Your Students

Climate change can be a daunting subject to address with your students. Information for young readers ranges from simple to complex, with a lot of variation in between. Some excellent resources are available to assist teachers and parents as they investigate climate change with children and youth of all ages.

This issue of C4K is a simplified look at climate change. Consider it an introduction to the basic concepts, but not a stand-alone piece. We hope it will promote discussion and questions from your students. Rather than instill fear, we want to promote curiosity to learn more and an eagerness to take action and make a difference.

MST Curriculum Connections

The activities in this issue of Conservationist for Kids correlate to the New York State Learning Standards for Math, Science and Technology for fourth grade, as shown below. Connections to other learning standards are also valid.

A World of Carbon:
MST2. Engineering Design 1
MST4. The Living Environment 4-7
MST5. Engineering Design 2, 6, 7

Litterless Lunch Box:
MST4. The Living Environment 1-7