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From the Spring 2009 Conservationist for Kids

Girl holding the earth in her hands

Earth's Changing Climate

By Gina Jack

Earth's climate changes naturally. It was very warm in the days of the dinosaurs and the last ice age was only 15,000 years ago. But today, our climate is changing faster than ever before in human history. Scientists believe that people are responsible.


Weather refers to the conditions of the air and atmosphere at a specific time: how warm or cold, wet or dry, clear or stormy it is.


Climate refers to the long term trends in temperature and precipitation. It describes the average weather of a place over many years.

Climate Change

Climate change refers to changes in the climate over a period of 30 or more years.
Global warming means an increase in the average temperature of the planet.

What Do Polar Bears and New York State have in common?
They are both affected by CLIMATE CHANGE!

You have heard about climate change and global warming...about the polar ice sheets melting and polar bears losing their habitat? That would be like you losing your house, and your neighborhood, and finding it harder to get food.