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From the Spring 2009 Conservationist for Kids

picture of a city street lined with trees

The Outside Page

By Gina Jack


A World of Carbon

Take a friend and go for a walk outdoors. Take a deep breath. Remember the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? It's in the air you breathe. The trees and other plants need it for photosynthesis; it helps them grow. While they are growing, they are storing carbon, locking it out of the atmosphere.

Where else is carbon stored? It's in the plants and anything made from plants: the wood in buildings, decomposing leaves and branches on the ground, and in the soil. It's an element of every living thing. Rocks and minerals made of fossilized animals and plants have carbon in them. There's carbon in the foods we eat. And there's carbon in you, too.

Make Your Own Litterless Lunch Kit

Instead of a throwaway lunch, pack everything in containers you can clean and reuse each day. Consider what you like for lunch and choose containers to suit your needs. You'll use fewer resources and send less to the landfill, and you'll save money because you can buy food in bulk, rather than expensive single-serving packets.

A group of reusable lunch containers
An example of a litterless lunch