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Teaching Children About Air Pollution

Our goal is to help you teach your students about "Clean Air" timely topics including air pollution, climate change, and how to reduce air pollution. It is also important for students to understand that they can make a difference. The outreach materials on this page can be downloaded and printed to help you educate your students about various types of air pollution, and how air pollution can affect their health and the health of our planet.

DAR Outreach Staff teaching at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center’s Earth Day

What's in the Air Gets Around Poster (PDF) (1 pg, 428 KB)

Activity Sheet (PDF) (1 pg, 916 KB)

  • An activity and poster that will aid in teaching children about the earth's atmosphere and the air we breathe.
  • The poster shows how air circulates around the earth, what air is composed of, and how air changes forms.

Clean Air Fortune Teller Game (PDF) (1 pg, 76 KB)

  • Children will have fun folding our game into its unique shape and learning fun facts related to air pollution.

Air Villain Trading Cards

Set 1 of 3 (PDF) (2 pgs, 474 KB)
Set 2 of 3 (PDF) (2 pgs, 470 KB)
Set 3 of 3 (PDF) (2 pgs, 645 KB)

  • Clever cartoon characters on the front of each of 20 different air pollutants.
  • The reverse side of the card includes a description of the chemical, the crime (health effect) of the chemical, and the cause (how and where the chemical is emitted).

I Love Clean Air Sticker Book (PDF) (2 pgs, 74 KB)

  • Teaches children about carpooling, ways to reduce climate change, and recycling rather than illegally burning trash.
  • Downloadable stickers (PDF) (1 pg, 131 KB) and a teacher's guide (PDF) (2 pgs, 15 KB) are available.

Clean Driving Bookmark (PDF) (1 pg, 128 KB)

  • Offers tips on how to save money and gasoline and how to properly maintain your vehicle to get better fuel mileage.

Clean Air in 10 Easy Steps Bookmark (PDF) (2 pgs, 44 KB)

  • Lists 10 ways to help to save energy and clean the air.
  • A fun project would be to have your students add other tips to this list.

Getting There with Clean Air Activity Book (PDF) (2 pgs, 1.6 MB)

  • A coloring book with other activities that include identifying sources of and solutions to air pollution, and a maze to help an eastern bluebird find its way home.
  • Print in black ink on 11 x 17 inch paper.

Email or call the Division of Air Outreach Office for copies of these materials.

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