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Be Cool - Carpool

Be Cool - Carpool

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is a carpool?
  2. Where could you go in a carpool?
  3. Who would be in the carpool?
  4. Have you ever ridden in a carpool?

Learn more about clean driving!

How to drive your car to reduce the amount of pollutants released and the amount of fuel used and save money!

Drive Less:

  • Combine trips
  • Carpool
  • Use public transportation

Improve your driving habits:

  • Accelerate smoothly
  • Drive at moderate speeds (55 mph vs. 65 mph saves 15% of your gas)
  • Avoid idling

Don't overfill your gasoline tank when refueling:

  • When it clicks off, stop pumping!

Keep vehicles in good running order with regular maintenance:

  • Align wheels
  • Check tire pressure
  • Change oil as required AND most important
  • Buy a less polluting and more fuel-efficient vehicle!