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Don't Burn Trash

Don't Burn Trash

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. List four things that you have thrown in the trash in the past week.
  2. Out of those four things, could any of them have been recycled, reused or composted?
  3. Does your family illegally burn household trash at home or at camp?
  4. What could you do with it instead of burning it?

Now learn more!

Burning trash:

  • Produces smoke that can affect your health, your family's health and your neighbor's health
  • Produces smoke that may contain toxic chemicals
  • May lead to accidental fires
  • It is now illegal to burn household trash

Dispose of your trash responsibly:

  • Reduce - avoid excess packaging and buy in bulk
  • Reuse - as much as possible, and compost kitchen and yard waste
  • Recycle - paper, metal, plastic and glass

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