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From the Winter 2009 Conservationist for Kids

New York's Major Rivers

Introducing....New York's Major Rivers

1. Niagara River
The waterfalls on this river are world famous (Niagara Falls); hydroelectric generating stations harness the power of the water on both sides of the American/Canadian border.

2. Allegheny River
Drains into the Gulf of Mexico via the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers; North America's largest aquatic salamander (eastern hellbender) lives in this river and its tributaries.

3. Genesee River
Genesee River Gorge, in Letchworth State Park, is sometimes called the "Grand Canyon of the East."

4. Oswego River
Watershed contains seven of New York's Finger Lakes, plus Seneca and Oneida Rivers.

Map of New York's major rivers
Map showing New York's major rivers

5. Chemung River
A major tributary of the Susquehanna River.

6. St. Lawrence River
Drains waters from the Great Lakes into the Atlantic; one of the most significant waterways in North America.

7. Black River
Watershed drains about 2,500 square miles of north-central New York State into Lake Ontario.

8. Susquehanna River
North America's largest watershed draining to the Atlantic; drains to Chesapeake Bay.

9. Delaware River
Begins in the Catskill Mountains; then empties into the Atlantic through Delaware Bay; three New York City Water Supply System reservoirs are within the watershed.

10. Mohawk River
The largest tributary to the Hudson River; eastern portion of the Erie Canal follows much of the river.

11. Hudson River
Two watersheds: upper portion begins in the Adirondacks at Lake Tear of the Clouds at the base of Mt. Marcy; lower portion extends from the Federal Dam in Troy to the Battery in New York City.