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Reinstein Woods Earth-Friendly Building

Click on each image to view a larger photo and the full caption to learn about the "green" Environmental Education Center at Reinstein Woods.

Photo of Reinstein Woods eco-friendly building

The Environmental Education Center at Reinstein Woods was designed and constructed to be a "green" building.

Photo of the building site when it is being cleared

Clearing of the site began in December of 2005.

Photo of the foundation being poured

The building foundation was poured in March of 2006. The weather was rainy, but warm for Buffalo, so construction continued without any major complications.

Photo of the concrete radiant floor

Concrete radiant floors were installed in the classrooms before framing of the building began.

pre-assembled wall is being erected

A variety of environmentally friendly wood products were used in the construction of the building.

whole wall of windows being installed

Ample windows provide the building with natural light in 75% of its spaces.

roof is being installed

Environmentally friendly "green" polyiso roof insulation was installed.

The interior of the building

Green building technologies help conserve energy in building operations.

Furniture and flooing inside the Education Center are made form recycled materials.

Furniture and flooring inside the Education Center is made from recyled materials.

Visitors look at the sign describing the green building materials used to construct the Education Center

Visitors can learn about (and touch) the materials used to construct the "green" Environnmental Education Center at Reinstein Woods.

The completed building with visitors in front

Opened to the public in April, 2007, the Environmental Education Center at Reinstein Woods is a state of the art Earth-Friendly Building.