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Curriculum Resources

Fall 2008 New York State Symbols

Using Conservationist for Kids in the Classroom

Information and activities in Conservationist for Kids encourage readers to explore outdoors. Read the magazine as a class exercise or have your students read independently. The activities in the magazine may be completed by your students at school or at home. Additional activities and resources can be found in this teacher supplement and on DEC's website (Look for Conservationist for Kids under the Education heading.) If you receive more copies of Conservationist for Kids than you require for your students, please share the extras with your school library, curriculum specialists and other teachers.

Please note that since this issue of Conservationist for Kids was printed in September, Cornell University's Lost Ladybug Project has simplified its web address. It can now be found at http://www.lostladybug.org/

MST Curriculum Connections

The activities in this issue of Conservationist for Kids have been correlated to the New York State Math, Science and Technology Learning Standards for fourth grade, below. Connections to other learning standards are also valid.

Build a Bluebird Nest Box:
MST2. Engineering Design 1
MST3. Measurement 5
MST4. The Living Environment 4-7
MST5. Engineering Design 2, 6, 7

Plant a Sugar Maple Tree:
MST4. The Living Environment 1-7

Looking for Ladybugs:
MST2. Information Systems 1, 2
MSTA. The Living Environment 1-7

Teacher Workshops

For teachers who have participated in a Project Learning Tree or Project WILD workshop, the following activities complement the current issue of Conservationist for Kids.

Project Learning Tree Activities
Environmental Exchange Box
Project WILD Activities
Wildlife in National Symbols