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Classroom Activities and Printable Activity Sheets

Fall 2008 New York State Symbols

Designate a Class or School Symbol

Review the full range of New York's state symbols with your students. (A list is available at http://www.statesymbolsusa.org/, in addition to those described in Conservationist for Kids.) Consider why some of these symbols may have been designated and who may have suggested them. Ask your students to recommend a symbol for your class or school. Why do they recommend it? How does it represent the class or school? If more than one symbol is suggested, have a vote to determine which one is the favorite.

Information is available from a variety of sources describing the efforts of individuals, organizations and schoolchildren to have something designated a state symbol. Visit the FAQs section of the New York State Bluebird Society's website at http://www.nysbs.org/ for an explanation of how the eastern bluebird became our state bird.

State Symbols Concentration

This is a simple game of "concentration," focusing on the New York State symbols described in the fall 2008 issue of Conservationist for Kids. Download the cards from the link below, print sufficient cards for your class to play the game. Instructions for playing "concentration" are included with the game cards.

State Symbols Trivia

Review knowledge and understanding about New York's state symbols with this fun trivia game. Download the trivia cards and instructions from below, you could even make up some of your own for your class or school.

Activity Sheets

State Symbols Concentration cards (pdf 427 kb)
State Symbols Trivia Game (pdf 38 kb)
State Symbols Trivia Game Images (pdf 504 kb)
State Symbols Trivia Game Award Certificate (pdf 162 kb)
Bluebird nest plans (pdf 127 kb)
Teacher Supplement (pdf 38 kb)