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Classroom Activities and Printable Activity Sheets

Spring 2008 All About Birds

Make Your Own Field Guide

Materials needed for each student: blank "bird profile" page
Shared materials: resource books, photos, etc. coloring pencils/crayons
Instructions: Have each student in the class research a different species of bird and create a one-page profile of that bird. Assemble the pages from the class into a book. A sample page for students to complete is available at the "For Teachers" section of the Conservationist for Kids webpage, along with a list of birds commonly found in New York State. You may wish to make copies of your class "field guide" for each student.

Build a Bird Nest

Shared materials: photos of different bird nests, bird nest field guides assorted nest-building materials: twigs,moss, dryer lint & other fluff, dry grass, feathers,hair (human, dog), mud, leaves, and yarn (cut into pieces).
Instructions: In small groups or individually, have students look at photos of bird nests to determine what they're made of and how they have been constructed. Take a walk outdoors and look for nests in your neighborhood. (Do not disturb nests.) Back in the classroom, provide a collection of nest-building materials and ask the students to build a nest they think a bird might use. (Things they could consider: What kind of bird are they building for? How big does the nest need to be? What building materials does their bird prefer?) Once the student-made nests are finished, compare and contrast them with those made by birds. Whose are sturdier? Finish the activity by taking your nesting materials outdoors and spreading them around for the birds to pick up and incorporate into their own nests.

Mission: Migration (Audubon NY internet game)

Materials needed for each student: internet access
Instructions: Log on to Audubon New York to play Mission: Migration, a web-based flash game that teaches about bird migration. Mission: Migration teaches children about the difficulties birds face during migration and how children can make their backyards healthier for birds.

Activity Sheets:

Bird Profile (pdf 42kb)
Teacher supplement (pdf 30 kb)
Bluebird nest plans (pdf 127 kb)