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Birds of New York

The list of birds here can be found in different regions across New York State. Some will be easy to spot, others less so. The more time you spend watching birds, the better you will get at identifying them. You will soon begin to recognize birds not just by how they look, but also by their voice, behavior and flight pattern. As you find each bird, check it off. This can be the beginning of your life list, a record a birder keeps of all the birds he or she has seen. To see pictures of these birds go to the PDF version of this article.

Bird Name Length Habitat Check here if seen
Blue Jay 11-12.5" oak and pine words, suburban area
American Robin 9-11'' urban, suburban, farm, forest areas
Black Capped
4.5-5.5" mixed and deciduous woods,
thickets, bird feeders
Northern Cardinal 7.5-9" woodland edges, thickets, suburban areas
Eastern Bluebird 7" open country with scattered trees,
farmland, roadsides
Killdeer 9-11" fields, lawns, airports, riverbanks, shores
Great Blue Heron 42-52" marshes, swamps, shores, tideflats
Canada Goose 25-43" lakes, ponds, bays, marshes, fields
Mallard Duck 20-23" marshes, wooded swamps, bays, ponds
rivers, lakes
Red-tailed Hawk 19-25" open country, woodlands, mountains, plains
Great Horned Owl 18-25" forests, woodlands, thickets, streamsides
open country
Wild Turkey females 36"
males 48"
woods, forests, wooded swamps
Ruffed Grouse 16-19" ground and understory of deciduous and
mixed woodland
Herring Gull 23-26" coastal areas, bays, beaches, lakes, piers,
farmland, dumps