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Winter Living Celebration Photo Gallery

winter camping

Members of the Sherburne Boy Scout Troop 66 are the first on the scene for the 30th annual Winter Living Celebration having spent
the night on the Rogers Center's grounds as part of their winter camping demonstration.

live music

John Kirk (left), Rick Bunting (center) and Trish Miller (right) of the Susquehanna String Band incorporate fun storytelling into their musical repertoire.

crowd at wood cutting

Everyone wants a chance to try wood cutting!

wood cutting

Folks of all ages get a chance to try their hand at olde-time wood cutting using a cross-cut saw.

horse-drawn wagon rides
saltwater creatures

Members of the Wildlife Learning Co. give visitors the chance to see saltwater creatures up close.

sawmill demonstration

Dan Aldrich, DEC Operations Region 7, talks to onlookers about using a portable sawmill.

forest ranger and snowmobile

DEC Forest Ranger James McPherson gives this Albany area student a thrill as he gets a chance to sit on one of the many winter
rescue vehicles available to the rangers.

winter predator/prey simulation game

In this Below Zero activity, kids pretend to be small animals in the subnivean (under the snow) space and learn how to avoid predators
attempting to capture them from above the snow layer (parachute).

preparing to throw an atlatl

Jeff Gottlieb, American Indian Technologies exhibitor, instructs Kathleen McCarthy on how to throw an atlatl.

ECO and K9 Nitro

Brett Armstrong, Region 7 ECO, prepares K9 Nitro for a demonstration.