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Animals of Halloween Photo Gallery

Audrey putting last few stitches on red fox head

Audrey Wakefield works to the last minute putting the final stitches in a costume. Audrey is a 1989 graduate of the DEC's naturalist intern program at Rogers Center and donates her time and energy to create these one-of-a-kind costumes each year.

red fox costume gets alteration

Marsha Guzewich, director and Audrey Wakefield, volunteer make the final alterations on the red fox costume (worn by Laura Carey) prior to the Animals
of Halloween program.

Audrey Wakefield with characters

Audrey Wakefield (bottom center) poses with the creatures that she created for Rogers Center's 2007 Animals of Halloween program held on October 26.

halloween group photo

From left to right: Christina DeCesare-amanita mushroom, Fred von Mechow-great horned owl, Laura Carey-red fox and Amy Kochem-adult mayfly.

Rogers staff in their costumes

Rogers Center staff pose for photos in front of the Visitor Center prior to the Animals of Halloween program.

pumpkins along the walkway

Pumpkins were grown by a local farmer for this event and carved by the Sherburne-Earlville Elementary Art Club and After School Plus
kids. All pumpkins go to the city of Norwich's annual Pumpkin Fest following the event. There were over 70 pumpkins!

Darlene Miller as a black bear

Darlene, office manager at Rogers Center, greets visitors in her black bear costume and introduces the 2007 Animals of Halloween program.

Fred von Mechow as a great horned owl

Fred von Mechow prepares the audience to join him hooting in an owl song.

Fred von Mechow as a great horned owl

The great horned owl poses with outstretched wings.

Amy Smith as a mayfly

Amy Kochem talks to a captive audience about the mayfly and its fascinating life cycle.

Amy Smith as adult mayfly

The mayfly poses for the camera before the program begins.

Laura Carey as red fox

Folks got a kick out of seeing what types of things red fox would pull out of her bag to eat!

Laura Carey as a red fox

Laura Carey poses in her red fox costume.

Christina DeCesare as an amanita mushroom

Christina DeCesare is the amanita mushroom.

amanita mushroom

Christina DeCesare playing an amanita mushroom, though not an animal, entertains the crowd at Rogers Center's Animals of Halloween program.


Patricia von Mechow, storyteller at the Animals of Halloween program weaves her story as she makes her way through the crowd.

cider and donuts

Following the Animals of Halloween program, visitors, young and old begin lining up to enjoy some refreshing apple cider and fresh donuts .