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New York Recycles Poster Contest Theme Background & Ideas!

Theme: New York Recycles!

New York Recycles is our way of promoting recycling and buying recycled in New York State. Events that encourage recycling and buying recycled take place all year. These events lead up to a celebration on November 15th called New York Recycles Day. New York Recycles Day is part of the national event America Recycles Day. Check out our website for more information on New York Recycles!

Suggestions for posters - Show items that can be recycled in New York and/or how to recycle these items. Don't forget items that people might not remember to recycle or know how to recycle, such as clothing, plastic bags, cell phones, and rechargeable batteries! Recycling facts and tips on how to recycle both common and uncommon household items.

Theme: Reuse -- Trash to Treasure!

Reuse is even better than recycling because reusing an item doesn't require any additional energy or raw materials to make a new product. Items that are reused can be reused for the same purpose or a different purpose. Recycling breaks down a product or packaging into raw materials and turns them into something new. Check our website for more information on reuse and recycling.

Suggestions for posters - Remember that one person's trash can be another person's treasure! Show how items that are thrown away as trash can be reused and/or turned into something useful!

Theme: Nurture Nature - Don't Litter!

Litter is unsightly, unsanitary, unappealing, can be hazardous to humans and animals and reduces the quality of our lives by degrading our environment.

Suggestions for posters - Show how we can take care of our environment by not littering! Some ideas for this include showing what we should do with litter, how litter affects our environment, showing different types of litter and what can happen with it, what we should do with litter when we see it, and how not littering helps our environment.

Theme: Let Us Celebrate Composting!

Compost is a dark, crumbly, earthy-smelling mixture that consists mostly of decayed organic matter. Composting is a simple, natural process and is nature's way of recycling nutrients. When the process is finished, these nutrients can be returned to the soil and used again. When people compost they are helping the environment by reducing how much waste is sent to landfills. See our website for more information on composting.

Suggestions for posters - Show what types of materials can be composted and/or what you can do with compost, how composting helps the environment, or how composting is fun for everyone!

Theme: Feed People - Not Landfills

Across the United States and the world, there are people that don't have enough to eat. Unfortunately, millions of tons of food are thrown away and wasted each year. Food waste contributes to global warming, wastes natural resources, and takes up unnecessary landfill space.

Suggestions for posters - Show how we can help people and the environment by not wasting food. Some ideas include showing tips on how to properly plan meals for the week, how to store food correctly so it doesn't go bad, what to do with leftovers or extra food (don't forget that extra food can sometimes be donated!), and what to do with food once it does go bad (compost it!). Go to Save The Food (leaves DEC's website) for more facts and ideas on how to help stop food waste.