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New York Recycles Poster Contest Theme Background & Ideas!

There are suggestions for posters listed, but students are free to use their imagination, as long as the basic theme is addressed.

If it helps, we have past year's winning posters on our website.

Theme: New York Recycles!

New York Recycles is our way of promoting recycling and buying recycled in the State. Events take place all year and leads to a celebration of New York Recycles on November 15. New York Recycles is part of a national event - America Recycles. Check out our website for more information on New York Recycles!

Suggestions for posters - Show what New York recycles.

Theme: Composting. . .Be A Rot Star!

Compost is a dark, crumbly, earthy-smelling mixture that consists mostly of decayed organic matter. It is a simple, natural process - nature's way of recycling nutrients and returning them to the soil to be used again. Check our website for more information: Composting at Home.

Suggestions for posters - Show what materials can be composted and/or what you can do with compost.

Theme: Recycling at School!

The 3 R's are a good start for reducing the amount of garbage we make. For basic information on reduction, reuse and recycling - check out our website- Recycling Outreach and Education

Suggestions for posters - Posters can show what materials are being recycled to school; how you are reducing waste and/or reusing at your school.

Theme: Recycling on the GO!

Recycling is not just for home, school and work. We should be recycling when we attend events away from home and school. Special events range in size from small gatherings to multi-day events that attract hundreds or thousands of people who may travel long distances just to attend. Check out this website for more information - Recycling Advocates (link in the right column.)

Suggestions for posters - Show different events (sports, concerts, festivals, etc.) where recyclables' should be collected.

Theme: Don't Waste Food - Donate It!

Schools, colleges, and businesses can donate both nonperishable and prepared, unserved food to non-profit organizations that feed hungry people.

Suggestions for posters - Show how we can help others by donating food instead of throwing it away.

Theme: Reuse, Let's Use It Again!

Reuse is even better than recycling; to use an item again. It can be reused for the same function or a different function. Recycling is breaking down a product or packaging in to raw materials and turning it to something new. Check our website - Reuse It

Suggestions for posters - Show how you can reuse products or packaging.

Theme: Litter - Let's Pick it up New York!

Litter is unsightly, unsanitary, unappealing, can be hazardous and degrades the quality of our lives by degrading our environment. Check out DEC's website: Informational Materials.

Suggestions for posters - Show different types of litter and what can happen with it. Show what we should do with litter - recycle what we can, throw the rest in the trash.