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2017 Fire Academy Information

2016 New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy Concludes

The 2016 New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy (NYWIMA) has concluded. The 2017 Academy is scheduled for late October 2017. Additional information on the New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy can be found on the Central Pine Barrens Commission website and on the Academy's Facebook page.

Registration Information can be found by contacting:

New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy

624 Old Riverhead Road
Westhampton, New York 11978
(631) 769-1556 or by email:

General Academy IMT Trainee Information

Trainee positions are open for several Command, Command Staff, General Staff, Unit Leader and Manager positions for a minimum of a five-day training program.

  • Trainees should have an open position task book for the trainee position being requested;
  • Local Type 3 IMT's may apply as a team for the five-day training program to manage the Academy (space permitting); and
  • All trainees will be supervised and trained by the qualified Academy Incident Management Team.

There are TWO five-day training sessions to choose from at the Academy.

Trainees have the opportunity to work on:

  • Initial response phases of incident management including Agency Administrator's Briefing;
  • Management of daily operational periods of an incident, conduct a transition with another IMT/trainee and demobilization of an incident depending on the session attended; and
  • Trainees will work through the Planning "P" on a daily basis, conduct Section or Unit level meetings, participate in Command and General Staff meetings, plan and develop the daily Incident Action Plan and conduct daily Operational Period Briefings for incident management staff and academy participants.

Each Trainee will perform tasks listed in their position task book under the direction of a type 1, 2, or 3 qualified level trainer. Trainee's will actively perform position responsibilities and will work in excess of eight hours per day. Trainees are limited to one position task book per session.

Since there are a limited number of Trainee positions available per five-day training session, each Trainee applicant will be evaluated to ensure the applicant has had the required:

  • ICS classroom training;
  • Field incident experience and position task book for the Trainee position applied for; and
  • Listing of incident/event experience, preferably in the ICS function or position being applied for.

If the Academy evaluation determines the applicant needs additional training or experience, we will provide that direction to the applicant and assist the applicant in receiving additional training. If you are accepted as a Trainee, your academy trainer will contact you and begin designing your individual training program with you directly along with the assistance of the Academy's Training Specialist.

The Academy's goal for all Trainees is to receive actual incident management exposure with qualified trainers, so that Trainees have the ability to advance themselves technically, gain confidence in the ability to perform their ICS positions and be better prepared for their next incident response with their home unit.

Another option for individuals that do not meet the "trainee" requirements listed above would be to register as an "Observer" to gain more knowledge and experience in the Incident Command System.

Individuals registering as an "Observer" will be assigned to the Liaison Officer who will arrange for the individual to observe the management of an incident under the incident command system, including operational briefings, command and general staff meetings, unit level meetings, strategy meetings, planning meetings and development and preparation of a daily incident action plan.

No position task books will be worked on by individuals registering as an "Observer."

Trainees will receive notification of their acceptance by September 30. Please do not make any trip reservations until you receive an acceptance for your desired trainee position.

Additional information regarding IMT Trainee positions is available in the 2016 brochure which is available by clicking on the link on the right side of this page.

Additional Academy Course Offerings

The Academy has also provided individual training sessions for a variety of large organizations that wanted training for their entire workforce. Courses put on by Academy staff included

  • I-300 - Intermediate ICS with NIMS
  • S-130/190 - Basic Firefighting and Wildfire Behavior
  • S-212 Wildfire Powersaws
  • S-215 Fire Operations in the Urban Interface

More information on these individual training programs can be found by calling or e-mailing the Academy.

If you have any questions about future Academy class offerings, or the New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy, you may e-mail the Academy at or or call directly at 631-769-1556.

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