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There are several things to consider once you have registered for a course or a course grouping. Many of the courses listed have fieldwork requirements. As a general rule, the Academy's staff recommends that all firefighters bring at a minimum at least one nomex pair of pants and one shirt.

Students in courses offered by the Academy such as (S-211) Portable Pumps and Water Usage, (S-212) Wildfire Powersaws and Storm Debris Removal (S-234) Ignition Operations and in several other courses are urged to bring a complete set of line gear as they may be spending virtually an entire day in the field. Students taking (S-130/190) Basic Wildland Fire fighting / Intro. To Wildland Fire Behavior may take a pack test and should, if possible, bring a pack that can carry 45 lbs. of weight for this test. A more complete list of required equipment and pre -work information is available at the Academy's required equipment page.

In addition to deciding what material to bring to the Academy, all students are urged to review the course listings carefully as some of them have pre-work requirements. Students are also urged to bring copies of the Fireline Handbook, or any fireline guides that may prove useful.

In terms of weather, the weather on Long Island in late October can be quite variable. At past Academy's temperatures have been in the high 70s while at other Academy's there were isolated periods of snow flurries. Attendees are advised to bring what ever personnel clothing they would need to feel comfortable given these temperature extremes.

Following these simple steps, after you have registered for a course or course grouping, will make certain that you are prepared for classes and that have the personnel equipment you need to participate in classes with field components.

Individual questions regarding the availability of courses and any other questions relating to the operation of the 2014 New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy can be directed to the Academy's staff.

If you have any questions about the class schedule listed above or the New York Wildfire and Incident Management Academy, you may e-mail the Academy at or or call directly at 631-769-1556.