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Where Did You Go on Your Incredible Journey?

Project Wet Workshop For Teachers And Youth Educators

Project WET is an interdisciplinary water education program for teachers and youth educators. The goal is to facilitate the awareness, appreciation, knowledge and stewardship of water resources. A Project WET activity guide will be given to each workshop attendee upon completion. The guide contains 91 activities for grades K through 12 that are hands-on, easy to use, and fun. Activities incorporate a variety of formats, such as large and small group learning, whole body activities, laboratory investigations, discussions on local and global topics, and involvement in community service projects. Each activity is written in lesson plan format. The appendices include cross-referencing by topic, subject, time required, grade level, setting, and teaching methods. The appendices also cover assessment strategies and a skills chart. For more about Project WET, visit What is Project WET.

Project WET activities can be used to address the new learning standards in New York State within the scope and sequence of existing education programs. This workshop is not just for science educators, as many of the activities can be incorporated into several different subject areas. This free, 3- to 6-hour workshop is available by request and we can conduct them at your school or at a nearby facility in your area. To view a current schedule, visit Environmental Education Educator Workshop Schedule.

Incredible Journey Activity Introduction

When we think of the water cycle, we often think of a circle of water, flowing from a stream to an ocean, evaporating to the clouds, raining down on a mountaintop, and flowing back into a stream. Role-playing as a water molecule helps students to conceptualize this water cycle as more than a predictable two dimensional path. With the role of a die, students simulate the movement of water within the cycle by becoming various forms of water.

Ms. Mary Ann Russo, Director of Helmer Nature Center in Rochester, visited Ms. Judith Barrett's class to teach them about water. One of the activities Ms. Russo had the class do is the Incredible Journey Activity from Project WET. Ms. Barrett followed the activity up with a creative writing assignment with the class. Below are some of the class's journey through the water cycle.

Alan P. Droplet

As you can probably see
I am a tiny water droplet, he, he.

I've been on Earth for three billion years,
Sometimes even been a person's tears.

As a water droplet I turn to dust,
Just then my cloud will bust.

I drop into a lake plink, plink, plink,
It must have been Lake Ontario, I think.

Down there a paramecium slurps me up,
Then what seemed forever, he threw me up.

Out I come, as I say,
Easy come, easy go up, up and away.

Evaporation is an easy step,
As long as your not a raindrop prep.

Being a liquid and then a gas,
Is not an easy task.

Water vapor is the key,
to make condensation you see.

And then the precipitation makes me drop into an ocean,
It was like a thrill ride or a magic potion.

I was in the so called ocean for what seemed like many years,
Finally the heat from the sun lifted me and I saw my peers.

Going up to the clouds is so repetitive,
but forever on I will live.

The water on Earth is a limited amount,
So you better make it count.

Falling into the soil is where I landed as hail,
A young boy picked up me and my friends and dropped us into a pail.

In a freezer I lay stuck with smelly food,
I will get evaporated and I don't mean to be rude.

For now I'll try not to cough,
This is Alan P. Droplet signing off.

The Journey of Molly the Water Molecule

Hi. My name is Molly the water molecule. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I"m short, stout, and full of water! I am also exhausted because of my long journey of the water cycle! I would like to tell you about my journey.
I was minding my own business, sitting in a lake, and all of the sudden, I started rising into the air. I was evaporating! Up into the sky I went, with other water molecules following me. We all decided to grab a dust particle and we condensed into a cloud. I was getting a little squidish and bored so the other molecules and I started to precipitate. Down, down, down we fell - ahhhhhhhhhhhh! We fell down as snow and I fell on to a solid ice. Splat! Boy, that hurt! I spent a long night shivering.
The next day I finally felt myself warming up. The heat from the sun was turning me into water vapor. Back up into the air I was going. Yes, I was evaporating again. I formed another cloud with some of my other water molecule friends. Condensing again was very tiring but I got through it. Soon it was time for me to precipitate. With a limited amount of water coming down, we fell out as rain.
That is the story of me, Molly, as a water molecule during the whole entire process of my trip in the water cycle.

A Water Droplet's Journey

I'm a little water droplet,
Little as can be.
I'll tell you about my cycle,
But you must listen carefully.

I first was in a plant,
Far, far from the sky.
Then suddenly I left it,
The sun's heat made me fly high.

It was strange out in the open,
Still rising in the air.
I saw I was water vapor,
Hit the clouds and waited there.

In the clouds it was cold,
My form changed yet again.
This time I was back to a droplet,
Then I fell into the ocean.

The ocean was big,
And I met a new friend.
We flowed onto land,
Inside a plant yet again.

I stayed here a long time,
Then I felt a happy sensation.
I exited the plant,
Through transpiration.

The same feeling hit me,
Just like it had before.
I turned into water vapor,
And began to rise once more.

I was next up in the clouds,
Now feeling quite great.
But then before I knew it,
I began to precipitate.

My Big Journey

Hi, my name is Splat the Drop. I am here in a beautiful river with my friends Drip and Drizzle. We have been in this same river with the same amount of limited water since we got here, we never left each others sight, until now. Just a few minutes ago Drip and Drizzle evaporated from the heat of the sun into water vapor. Now they're just gas, while I'm still here crowded by millions of droplets I don't know. Everyone is talking to their friends but me. I don't know why but I have a really bad feeling about something. I really miss Drip and Drizzle but maybe in my big journey of the water cycle, I will see them again.
Hey, what's going on here? The waves got bigger and the noises got louder, until it happened. I got swallowed by a large moose! I have no idea where I am but all I know is that it is someplace I don't want to be. "Hey!" someone yelled. I looked around, confused. "Hey over here!" I turned around and saw a different-looking droplet who looked very old. He was a dirty blue color and had big eyes. "Yeah?" I yelled. "Hi, my name is Drop. I've been in this moose for so long I'm losing my color. So anyway, what's your name?" he said. "Splat." I said. "Hey, Splat, I have something for you to do, but I'll tell you when it happens." Then he walked away.
I had no idea what he was talking about until two days later everything started to shake. Drop grabbed my arm and let's just say we finally got out of the moose, but I won't tell you how. I landed on the ground with a plop. I was looking up at the sky until I felt like had no weight. I looked around and I was floating as a gas. I am in the process of evaporation. I was floating high into the sky until I felt all of my weight come back and I turned into a liquid again. I looked around and saw a lot of other water droplets. I stuck on to a piece of dirt particle and dozed off. When I woke up, I was a cloud, which means I just got through condensation and you wont believe it but I saw Drip and Drizzle once again!
I'm ready to precipitate. The cloud got dark, and soon I came down to Earth as rain and landed into an ocean, the Pacific Ocean, where all water is beautiful. The waves got higher and before long, I was out of the saltwater and into the cells of a plant. Somehow I got splashed up onto a plant and sucked into its cells. Man, the plant cells really put me to work. I worked really hard. While I was working I met some, let's just say different, droplets. They were really annoying and made my time in the plant feel even longer until I got pulled down into the roots of a plant and into the soil. There was so much water down there that we all came up to the top of the ground and unfortunately got swallowed by a dog. I was in that animal for a long time until I came out the same way as the moose. I am now in a puddle in the soil and I know this isn't the end of my big journey!

Waterdrop Adventure

I the little water droplet,
Fell into the ocean blue.
I sailed across the mighty sea,
Till I evaporated and flew.

I suddenly turned into water vapor,
And noticed we were in a puffy white chamber.
I'm in a cloud and condensation took us here,
I was afraid to fall so I said "oh dear."

A puffy white crystal, that was me,
Fell down below on a pine tree.
I precipitated on this living thing,
Bounced down the pine with a "cling, cling, cling!"

Heat from the sun, up again I rose,
Started the process over, then I froze.
Turned into a cloud "just condensated."
Then, suddenly with a flash, I precipitated.

I am the tiny ice block,
We call hail, down I dropped
Into a lake then underground,
With little bugs making sounds.

I got swallowed up by a soil-eating worm,
Felt myself jiggling down with a squirm.
Out its end, not a pretty sight,
Stuck in the soil, then felt sunlight!

The water cycle goes on and on again,
And now my poem has come to an end.
A limited amount of water, it stays the same,
It's getting more fun, "I like this game!"

Gotta say bye,
Got to fly.
A little amount of water it will be,
Polluting and wasting, it's bad for me!

Marvin the Molecule

My journey all started when I was in Lake Ontario. Suddenly, a deer swallowed me up! I got out but I rather not tell you how. So now I'm in the soil. Uh-oh! It's getting hot! I'm evaporating. Now I am water vapor floating through the air. Huh? What's happening to me? Well, Willie the Water Droplet says we have condensed to form a cloud. This thing is starting to shake! Aww, I'm a water molecule again. I must have precipitated into rain. Oof! I just hit the ground and now I'm being sucked into a plant! I'm water vapor, again. Hey Willie! We are a cloud again. Being a water molecule is confusing. Now I know that I am part of a limited amount of water. So remember, don't pollute!

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