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Exploring Stony Kill Farm Trails

The Trail System

Stony Kill has a well developed and maintained trail system with trails of a variety of lengths through a number of habitats: woodland, thickets, fields, pond and marsh. A trail map for self-guided walks is available on the right hand side of this page.

Interpreted Trails

Woodland Trail (easy 1 mile loop)

ADA Accessible Trail
Completed in the spring of 2006, this easy crushed stone and clay mixture trail circles through a wooded swamp that was once a farm field. Now forested by hardwoods, it has become home to an abundance of wildlife like the barred owl, red-tailed hawk, garter snake, the eastern gray squirrel, and many songbirds. There is also a wildflower loop for you to explore. A free Woodland Trail booklet is available at the Manor House to help guide and interpret this trail for you.

Verplanck Ridge Trail (approximately 1.5 miles)

This moderate climb leads you through mixed hardwood forest, open meadow, and up to a uniquely wooded ridge top, where thickets and dense vines provide an excellent habitat for various songbirds and other wildlife like the bob-cat. The round-trip is about 1 ½ miles on this hard dirt and mowed grass trail.

Stony Kill Farm Sierra Trail
Sierra Trail

Sierra Trail (inner loop- one mile; outer loop- two miles)

This double-looped trail takes you through hardwood forest, evergreen forest, wetland, and open meadow habitats, where you are bound to experience a remarkable array of flora and fauna. The footing of the trail is mostly hard dirt with stretches of mowed grass. Great blue herons, green herons, osprey and other birds call the Sierra pond home as well as many frogs, turtles, and song birds.

Other Trails

Stony Kill Farm Freedom Trail
Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail (2 ½ miles)

One of our newer and more secluded trails wanders across diverse terrain. Rock walls, hills, wetland, fields, and forest lie in wait on this sojourn where you may hear the calls of a Great Horned Owl. This trail comes alive with spring peepers, red-backed salamanders wood frogs during the spring and summer months.

Muller Pond Trail (approximately ½ mile)

Our newest trail takes you through hardwood forest, wetland, and open meadow habitats as you encircle the beautiful Muller Pond. Just over ½ mile hike on mowed grass and hard dirt. Just across the road from the Sierra Trail, the Muller Pond is especially attractive to Heron, hawks, owls and many reptiles and amphibians.

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