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Sponsoring Youth to Camp

A How-to for Organizations

Pack campers during Hunter Safety
Pack Forest campers during Hunter Safety

What do I do if I do not have a computer or internet access for online registration? If you are a sponsor, ask a member of your organization with a computer and internet access to set up the organization's account using a credit card, e-check or gift card, which are available at many grocery chain stores. You can go to the public library and set up a free e-mail account through AOL, Yahoo, or G-Mail. Once you have the account, you can go on-line to create your account and deposit your funds via e-check or credit card. You do not need to have a computer or home access to the internet. If you have a tablet or smartphone, look for locations with free internet access such as chain restaurants and coffee shops. You can pay via e-check or credit card. If none of these options are available, please contact our staff at 518-402-8014.

Application Guidelines

Since space is so limited, interested campers are urged to register early. If campers are attending more than one week of camp, payment for the additional weeks must be made when the camper is registered.

All four camps, Colby, Pack, DeBruce and Rushford, educate youth who are 11 to 13 years old. Pack Forest and Camp Rushford are also open to campers 14 to 17 years old during specific sessions. These older campers will participate in the DEC Teen Ecology Workshop. Campers must be the minimum age by December 1 of the current camp year in order to attend camp.

Any organization may sponsor campers. We encourage recreational organizations, sportsman's clubs, environmental groups, school associations, houses of worship and civic groups to:

  • select a qualified candidate who wants to spend a week at a DEC camp
  • help the camper pay for the camp session
  • invite the camper to a meeting of the organization to recount his or her camp experience.
  • Parents who would like their child to be sponsored should bring the program to the attention of an organization in their area. If a sponsoring group is not available, parents may pay for the child's stay at DEC camp.

Buy 6 campers get one free discount: If you pay to send 6 kids to camp, you are eligible to send a 7th camper for free. The payment for the first 6 campers must be made as one transaction. The 7th camper will use a sponsorship code that the camps Albany administrative staff generates. Do not give the 7th camper the code you created. After the 6 campers have registered online give us a call at 518-402-8014 to receive the free 7th camper code. We will confirm the registrations and provide you with the free code (s). The free 7th camper code is only valid for the year the 6 campers were purchased as a single transaction. We do not refund any cancelled free 7th camper reservations.


This page addresses sponsoring organizations only. If you are the parent of a potential camper, please refer to our How to Apply to Camp web page.

For more information, please call or write to:

625 Broadway 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12233-5256
(518) 402-8014

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