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Volume 12, Number 1

Fall 2018

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In this issue we look at reefs, both natural and artificial, the species they support, and what is being done to help them. A special focus of the issue is the expansion of New York State's artificial reef program.

A photo of deep-sea corals

What is a Reef?

by Jeremy Taylor

page 3

A photo deep-sea corals

Deep-Sea Corals

by Jeremy Taylor

page 4

A photo of artificial reef materials being deployed

What is an Artificial Reef?

Expanding New York State's artifical reefs

by Jeremy Taylor

page 5

A photo of people doing a beach cleanup

Marine Debris and Threats to Reefs

What is marine debris? What is acceptable artificial reef material? What threats do reefs face? How can you help?

by Jeremy Taylor

page 6

Conservationist for Kids Outside Page logo

The Outside Page - Dive Into Reefs!

Hold a cleanup event; Reefs word search

by Jeremy Taylor

page 8