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Volume 10, Number 3

Spring 2017

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In this issue, we will learn all about pollinators: what they are, what they do, and how we can help them. Pollinators are critical to the health of the environment, and without them, we would have much less food to eat or clothing to wear. Pollinators are very important to wildlife as well. Find out what all the buzz is about pollinators!

A photo of a bumblebee on a flower

What Are Pollinators? What Is Pollination?

by Jeremy Taylor

page 3

A photo of a hummingbird moth hovering over a flower

Meet the Pollinators

by Jeremy Taylor

page 4

A closeup photo of a honey bee on a flower

The Buzz on Bees

by Jeremy Taylor

page 6

A photo of a boy in a beekeeping suit

How Can We Help Pollinators?

by Jeremy Taylor

page 7

The Conservationist for Kids Outside Page logo

The Outside Page

by Jeremy Taylor

page 8