Volume 11, Number 2

Winter 2018

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In this issue, we will learn all about ivory and the illegal ivory trade. You might be wondering why a New York publication would focus on ivory and elephants. That's because NYS plays a major part in the illegal ivory trade. This issue will teach you about elephants, what ivory is and where it comes from, what it is used for, and what we are doing about the illegal ivory trade in New York State.

A photo of carved elephant ivory

What is ivory and what is it used for?

by Jeremy Taylor

page 3

A photo of an African elephant

All about elephants

by Jeremy Taylor

page 4

A photo of seized ivory items on display in NYC

The Ivory Trade

by Jeremy Taylor

page 5

A photo of DEC Environmental Conservation Police with seized elephant tusks

What are we doing about the ivory trade?

by Jeremy Taylor

page 6

A cartoon drawing of a zoo entrance

The Outside Page - All About Ivory

by Jeremy Taylor

page 8