Volume 11, Number 1

Fall 2017

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In this issue we learn about climate change and its impacts on weather, oceans, natural resources, and human communities worldwide. You will learn what climate change is, and some of the causes, as well as the differences between climate and weather. Impacts of climate change on temperature, sea levels, and precipitation will be explored, and you will also learn some things that you can do to measure and reduce your impacts on climate change.

A graphic illustrating global changes due to increased temperatures

What is Climate Change?

by Jeremy Taylor

page 3

A photo showing projected sea level rise

Impacts of Climate Change

by Jeremy Taylor

page 4

A graphic of a green footprint filled with environmental icons

Understanding Your Carbon Footprint

by Jeremy Taylor

page 6

A graphic illustrating ways you can reduce your impact on climate change

What Can You Do?

by Jeremy Taylor

page 7

The Conservationist for Kids Outside Page logo

The Outside Page - Investigate Climate Change!

by Jeremy Taylor

page 8