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Green Chemistry Laboratory Experiments

  • DEC is providing green chemistry experiments to high school science teachers who want to reduce the use of toxic and hazardous chemicals in their laboratories. This helps reduce the risk to students, teachers, school property and the environment.
  • Green chemistry experiments are designed to enhance the quality of the lab experience for the students by having them learn proven chemical processes as well as understanding the environmental impact of their actions.
  • All of the experiments were presented at either the Siena College Green Chemistry Summer Institute or DEC's Green Chemistry workshops. The experiments have subsequently been performed and vetted by experienced teachers in their classrooms.

Experiments Available for Download

  1. Precipitation (PDF, 145 KB)
  2. Acids and Bases (PDF, 125 KB)
  3. Kinetics (PDF, 118 KB)
  4. Catalysts (PDF, 145 KB)
  5. Chemical Hazard Awareness (PDF, 201 KB)
  6. Chemical or Physical Reaction (PDF, 189 KB)
  7. Flame Tests and Emissions Spectra (PDF, 57 KB)
  8. E-Factor (PDF, 108 KB)
  9. Electrochemical Cell (PDF, 312 KB)
  10. Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions (PDF, 127 KB)
  11. Investigation of Chemical Reactions (PDF, 120 KB)
  12. Equilibrium (PDF, 115 KB)
  13. Microscale Chemical Reactions - Solubility (PDF, 123 KB)
  14. Reaction (PDF, 133 KB)
  15. Density (PDF, 89 KB)
  16. Solubility (PDF, 105 KB)
  17. Stoichiometry (PDF, 250 KB)
  18. Sublimation (PDF, 126 KB)
  19. Chemical Bonding: The Polarity of Slime and Silly Putty (PDF, 144 KB)

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