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Universal Waste Destination Facilities

A universal waste destination facility treats, disposes of, or recycles a particular category of UW, other than the activities allowed to handlers. The following is a summary of the requirements. Please see the universal waste regulations, 6 NYCRR Subpart 374-3,(link leaves DEC's website) for more detail.

  1. The owner or operator must notify EPA of their activities and obtain an ID number.
  2. Is subject to the Air Emission Standards in 6 NYCRR subparts 373-2.27 and 2.28 (final status); or 373-3.27 and 3.28 (interim status).
  3. Is subject to all applicable Manifest System, Recordkeeping and Reporting requirements in 6 NYCRR subpart 373-2.5 (final status) or 373-3.5 (interim status).
  4. Is subject to all applicable requirements of 6 NYCRR subparts 373-1, 373-2, 373-3, 374-1, and parts 376 and 621, and is therefore subject to permitting as a hazardous waste TSDF (Treatment, Storage or Disposal Facility), unless it meets all requirements of an exemption in subpart 373-1.1(d)(1).
  5. If the facility claims the exemption in 6 NYCRR subpart 373-1.1(d)(1)(viii), for the recycling of hazardous wastes, they cannot store the UW before recycling. This means that the UW must enter the recycling process on the same shift as received, unless a delivery is made to the facility within one hour of the end of the work day, in which case it must be processed on the next business day or within 3 days, whichever is less. Also, to claim this exemption, the facility must comply with all other requirements under 373-1.1(d)(1)(vii) and all requirements of subpart 371.1(g)(3)(ii).
  6. A facility may be a Destination Facility for one or more Universal Waste streams and be a Universal Waste Handler for other Universal Wastes (e.g., a facility that recycles waste fluorescent bulbs and is a UW Handler of batteries and thermostats).
  7. A UW Destination Facility may also manage non-hazardous wastes, and may be subject to requirements under 6 NYCRR Part 360.

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